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TOKOZA -吹き抜けのある家族が感じあえる座のLDK-(一戸建て):リフォーム事例。自然素材の住まいやロハスな住宅リフォーム、マンションリフォームを提供

TOKOZA -吹き抜けのある家族が感じあえる座のLDK-(一戸建て):リフォーム事例。自然素材の住まいやロハスな住宅リフォーム、マンションリフォームを提供 Now, not many people in Singapore have a garage. In a small island, space is quite a scarce resource. However, if you are one of the fewer percentage of the population who do own landed property, de-cluttering and renovation of your garage may at times prove to be quite a feat...

what about painting garage door green to match trim?