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Wee Tree Farm

Wee Tree Farm specializes in bonsai, pre-bonsai, tools, pottery, all bonsai related supplies. Our retail store is located at Garland Nursery in Corvallis, Oreg

Wee Tree at Garland has a new look!

...and this is the awesome work he did!

This is the Japanese Black Pine that we brought in for guest artist, Lee Cheatle, to work on this weekend...

Lindsay farr's World of Bonsai series 2 episode 18

Just had to add this one in!

Beauty boughs at Garland Nursery!

Along the holiday path to the nursery.

This is the festive houseplant room at Garland Nursery!

bonsai pictures | File:NCArboretum Bonsai-27527-2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Alnus serrulata, photo by Em My at the European Bonsaï San Show. See: www.bonsaiempire.com #bonsai

Feel-Spirit-l'Esprit de Phil.[Bonsaï]: European bonsaï San Show 2013, Saulieu France

It’s a Japanese black pine - 2014 88th Kokufu ten Bonsa Exhibition

bald cypress | File:Bald Cypress, 1987-2007.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Japanese maples can be enjoyed all year round. The lower trunk of this 70-year old specimen in a Chinese container seems to melt into the radiating surface root system. Photograph by Jonathan Singer

Bonsai : Goyomatsu(Japanese white Pine)/height 31.5inches(80cm)/Width 31.5inches(80cm)/about 70 years old/Ideue Kikko-en