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Cujo Remake Claws Back Into Development

Another day, another Stephen King novel being remade. Cujo has been earmarked for development with the hopes of a release later this year.

The Top 10 Baseball Movies Of All Time

Pictures and Legendary Pictures team up with director Brian Helgeland for the powerful story of Jackie Robinson, the legendary baseball player who broke Major League Baseball's color barrier when he joined the roster of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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New Star Trek Into Darkness Promo Material Arrives

New images from Star Trek Into Darkness! In theaters - Chris Pine as James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock and Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison, whoever the fuck that is.

Thor: The Dark World Trailer Date And Description

Marvel offers an early viewing of the 'Thor: The Dark World' trailer at the Disney Consumer Show in Mexico and a description of the footage leaks out.

10 Normal Things That Movies Have Made Terrifying

Jess Weixler in vasca da bagno durante una scena del film Teeth

WGTC Weekly Throwdown: Saddest Cinematic Deaths

WGTC Weekly Throwdown: Saddest Cinematic Deaths - With the release of Top Gun in this article goes out to that sweet angel Goose. *Looks towards the sky* GOOOOOOOSEEEE!

5 Things Brad Pitt Has Adopted, Making His Masculinity Intimidating

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