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Amazing inspiration talented artist from Malaysia. On their incredible artistic pencil drawing that receive luster when he turned his color film negatives are fascinantnoi idea of ​​this young artist.

“lavenderboots: “bobbycaputo: “ Brian Lai Draws Negative Images That Become Realistic When Inverted ” This is unimaginably amazing.


Detailed replica of motorcycle made out of wood by talented Russian carpenter Yuri Hvtisishvili. Engine, frame, wheels, tires, and other parts were carved out of wood and then assembled into a beautiful motorcycle sculpture.

These aren’t for cosplaying Spy vs. Spy. And although they look ideal for maintaining a healthy anti-social distance, they’re not for that either.

From a gas powered baby stroller to a family bicycle equipped with a sewing machine these are 25 ridiculous inventions from the past.

Jumpy Knows A Lot Of Cool Tricks

Meet the dog who knows amazing tricks, the dog is willing to do unbelievable things discover the smartest dog on the planet that is magnificent Jumpy.

Do you see similarities Dogs and their owners

Sebastian Magnani took a great deal of pictures of dogs and their humans in a a series he called "Underdog". Not surprisingly, most of the dogs resemble their