Good advise for dogs with stomach problems!

This is a great recipe for pumpkin doggy is a great recipe for pumpkin doggy biscuits.

Car seat cover

DIY car seat cover for dogs, hammock style keeps them from jumping into the front and keeps them from hurting themselves if there is a sudden stop. and keeps the hair out of the car! Keeping the hair off the car seats is the aim of the game.

Beef and Cheddar Dog Biscuits

Beef and Cheddar Dog Biscuits (Happy 5th Birthday, Einstein!)

I want this Great Dane puppy!!!!

Look at the blue great dane puppy! so cute!we may have a problem. Jeff has been trying to convince me to get a great dane for a while now.and this one looks precious.I may not be as hard to win over as I was trying to be.

Say whaat?

Nothing like a Boxer head tilt! I've always wanted a white Boxer too.

portablepet water bottle

Give your pets water on the go with the easy and convenient Portable Pet Water Bottle and Drinking Bowl.