I want to be healthy, so that one day, I will be able to stand on mount everest without fainting

I have been to Nepal. Vertical panorama of Lhotse Wall on the Nepal side. From bottom of the picture, ca to top of the peak, 8 so the panorama cover about

How To Build A Garden Waterfall Pond | DIY Tag

A waterfall pond adds a lot value to your garden, as you garden becomes live with this lovely feature. You can learn how to build a waterfall garden pond.

Frozen Niagara Falls - I did see this... even more awesome when you see all the trees covered with ice

Ice coated railing at Niagara Falls. The continual spray coats everything around the Falls, producing fantastic ice shapes.

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A little dramatic, but would be neat to have something like this to carry water to our larger pond.

Autumn adds riotous color creating a stunning fall landscape. See these backyard beauties, each with its own refreshing water feature!

Gardening Autumn - Burning Bush sets off a stunning backyard waterfall - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

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the fallen leaves remind me of butterflies , resting after their flight thru the woods.

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Niagara Falls -- neat view.

Great shot of both the Canadian "Horseshoe" falls (bottom) and the American falls (upper right). Water from Lake Erie flows down The Niagara River, drops down Niagara Falls, flows down the Niagara Gorge and out to Lake Ontario .

Niagra Falls Frozen Solid in 1911..... now that I've been there, I can really appreciate this!

Niagra Falls Frozen Solid in 1911 photo via ellishouse. We have photo of the Falls in Winter when they were frozen over too.

25 Gorgeous Dry Creek Bed Design Ideas For Your #Garden Lookbook - Style Estate -

25 Gorgeous Dry Creek Bed Design Ideas

The Fall of Multnomah... | 7am with Paul & Connor Bowman. We… | Flickr

Multnomah Falls - Portland, Oregon Beautiful falls to visit. The hike above is worth it. Be sure to visit the visitor's center to learn the story behind the bridge!

ladymantheniel: “Oravsky castle Slovakia ”

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