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the homepage for an emergency website is shown in this screenshote image, which shows
SOS Emergency Website in One Step
Who knew that it's so easy to be a little bit better prepared in a worst case scenario. Watch the YouTube demo after the click or head over to this blog article which explains the whole thing: #help #rescue #emergency #sos #safety #iphone #ios #workflow #automation #geek #nerd
an image of a cell phone with the text less eye strain and better sleep with one little
Sideloading F.lux for iOS – RocketINK
An easy way to sleep better at night when using an iPhone or iPad before going to bed. Installing f.lux reduces to glow of your device and makes the screen temperature "warmer", hence: less stressful.
the logo for an art exhibition is shown in front of a colorful hexagonal object
Monodraw – The Ultimate ASCII Art Editor – RocketINK
Monodraw – The Ultimate ASCII Art Editor → via @_patrickwelker
a poster with different types of writing on it's sides, including the words think list special notes 2011 - 2013
Link List Special – November 28, 2014 – RocketINK
Link List Special – November 28, 2014 → by → via @_patrickwelker
a drawing of a pink and green object with the words, the world on it
Thimbleweed Park by LucasArts — A New Classic Point & Click Adventure! – RocketINK
LINK - Thimbleweed Park by LucasArts — A New Classic Point & Click! Adventure
a piece of pizza with the words who moved my cheddaw?
Markdown Task Manager Cheddar Goes Free – RocketINK
Cheddar, the task list manager with Markdown support is now free and under new ownership.
the words are written in different colors
Cleen Helps Cleaning Up Your Photo Library on the iPHONE – RocketINK
Mini-review of Cleen, a great little helper to swiftly sort out photos you want to batch delete on your iPhone.
a poster with different types of music notes on it's sides and the words link list - 2014 - m4h
Link List – November 14, 2014 – RocketINK
Link List post from November 14, 2014.
a drawing of a christmas tree with the words bett topstra under the christmas tree
Creating Content with Markdown by Brett Terpstra – RocketINK
LINK — Creating Content with Markdown Learn by Video – Simple, future-proof writing with plain text
a whiteboard with some writing on it
Plugins For Every Website – RocketINK
Plugins For Every Website – not just #WordPress \\ Inside: a link to a good read, a nice hack, plus two links to 2 extension providers.
an image of a newspaper with firefoos written on it
Fiery Feeds, The RSS Reader For Power Users – RocketINK
This is the iPhone #RSS Reader I've been waiting for.
a drawing of a beer bag with a phone in it and the caption for tap cellar
TapCellar — The best app for #beer lovers. via @_patrickwelker
a drawing of two cell phones with thought bubbles above them
Sometimes Apple Is Slow, Sometimes They Are Quick – RocketINK
This is an article about why the #keyboard on #ios 8 is broken.
an apple cartoon with the caption that reads, from post - annities you're always right to say doing that wrong
Why We Still Need URL Schemes When iOS 8 Brings the Sharing Dialog to Every App? – RocketINK
Automation on iOS has come a long way. The road was rocky… here's some brief recap of what was and what is to come.
a drawing of a turtle with a hat on it's head and the words, he is where i think?
The Shell Is Where I Tinker — A Peppermint Review For Families Who Like To Build Stuff – RocketINK
My father likes to build stuff analog, I do so, too… only I'm more of digital craftsman. This post is also a review of Peppermint.