Funniest Donald Trump Memes: President Donald Trump: The Face You Make

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Take a look back at the crazy year in politics with the most memorable memes skewering Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and others.

Tell the Republican base (sheeple) what it wants to hear, and who they should blame and hate !!!

Liberals Are Cool -“Restoring America” is the code of fascist opportunists. Targeting minority groups, labeling immigrants as the root of evil, choosing one religion over all others. It’s all from the same playbook used in Germany.

Nearly everyone speaks what's on their mind. Most of us are just grown up and well mannered enough to do so without being an asshole about it.

And if you believe he's not actively manipulating both your racism and the political process for publicity and financial gain, then you're also a moron.

Funniest Donald Trump Memes: Donald Trump and Traditional Marriage

Funniest Donald Trump Pictures

Well, not a traditional marriage that lasts longer than 2 minutes. I wonder how many First Ladies will Trump rack up if he made it to the White House

Prepare yourselves - here are 18 real things Donald Trump has said about women

18 Real Things Donald Trump Has Actually Said About Women

Prepare yourselves - here are 18 real things Donald Trump has said about women, I really do despise this man and Hilary Clinton too. If either of them gets in office then we r screwed.