This Couple’s Christmas Cards Are So Awkward, They’re Actually Amazing (Photos)

This Couple's Christmas Cards Are So Awkward, They're Actually Amazing (Photos)

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What happens when you relive the awkward photos of childhood's past? These ridiculously hilarious recreated childhood photos!

In all seriousness, WTF?

Creepy Santas: What's more deranged than sitting your child down on a strange man's lap? These scary bad Santas have scarred children for life.

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Aside from opening your presents on Christmas day, the other ritual you can look forward to is receiving Christmas cards from your friends and relatives.

Old-school portrait: Tacky Christmas sweaters might score a 2 or 3 on the awkward scale. But a creepy floating head gets a perfect 10. (Photo: Kristian Gorman)

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OMG. How amazing is this two-person Christmas sweater?

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