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The Pupula duplex is a medical oddity that is characterized by having two irises/ pupils in each eyeball.


Pupula Duplex (Eyes With 2 Pupils) o.O - Facts Pod

Huang Chuncai suffers from a rare genetic disorder of the nervous system called Neurofibromatosis. The disease caused the disabling growths on his face, which began when he was four years old. He has had surgery to remove a 25-pound tumor and another to remove a 33-pound tumor***


Medical Cases | Medical Cases for medical students and Doctors

Chinese Man Living with Massive Hole in His Head

There is a tribe of people living in Zimbabwe known as the Vadoma, that have become known as the “Ostritch People” for the prevalence of electrodactyly in their population. Many of the tribe members are born with fused toes that appear ostritch like. The tribe maintains a consistent population of such births due to their relative isolation. Those with this condition are not handicapped, and are well integrated into the tribe.


Human Conditions: 10 Incredible Real Medical Oddities