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    Well played, Mr. Obama, well played.

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    Betty White!!

    Betty White on social networking.

    I liked Betty White before it was cool to like Betty White because of this show.

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    These comments made me laugh out loud! So hilarious!

    Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears Become Internet Sensation for Unexpected Reason

    This made me laugh so much.

    Sleeping Dog - The Meta Picture

    The Golden Girls.

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    These descendants of Leonardo da Vinci. | 27 People Who Successfully Reinvented The Wheel

    27 People Who Successfully Reinvented The Wheel

    Haha! This is so funny

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    Funny Pic Dump (2.27.14)

    Waxing EMERGENCY! I laughed WAY harder at this than I should have!!!

    A Cheezburger Summer

    What it feels like trying to get the temperature right lol so true l

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    Omg, too funny


    Exclusivity rules

    Selectively Social

    awesome horse costumes

    10 Fantastic Horsie Halloween Costumes

    We still think this is one of the funniest videos we've ever seen

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    Then my life would be fucking perfect!!!!

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    Need for a wonder woman stock image for work. Nailed it.

    34 People Who Have Infinitely More Swag Than You Ever Will

    Bahahahahaha !!!

    berry-break-18 : theBERRY

    Omggg! I lost it! Bahahahaha!

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    Don't be that guy

    What I thought when I saw the plotting baby

    Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd

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    Comedian Luisa Omielan discusses the whole issue of "thigh gaps" in a humourous way and explains how she is proud of her body because it is proof that she is living.

    You've Never Laughed This Hard About Thigh Gaps Before


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