Classic Beef Fried Rice

Classic Beef Fried Rice ~ Beef fried rice is definitely one of our favorite items on your average Chinese takeout menu. Find out how to make an even better version at home!

Bacon and Egg Fried Rice

Bacon and egg fried rice is an easy recipe that I used to make all the time as a kid for my mom. Full of bacon flavor, this dish is so easy…

Orange Chicken

This orange chicken recipe is better than sweet and sour chicken and uses a fresh orange, dried hot chili peppers, star anise, and dried tangerine peels. recipe by the Woks of Life


Vegetable fried rice

This is a totally vegetarian recipe by the Woks of Life, which is just as good as a fried rice made with meat. The addition of dark (or mushroom) soy sauce gives it a rich, darker color and great flavor.

Egg Fried Rice

DOUBLE EGG FRIED RICE - Egg lovers, this fried rice is coated with egg stir-fried with chunks of scrambled egg!

Not your takeout place’s general tso’s chicken