Winter Wood Shades (Snowy White Birch Tree and Owl by Stephen Lymen). The birch trees that moved their branches accordingly

Abandoned , Perthshire, Scotland

Abandoned castle, Perthshire, Scotland - I would love travel and see such wondrous landmarks.


This must be edited or the owl has a cataract. Owl eye color range are yellow, brown, orange, dark/black. There are no natural blue eyed owls. Their second lid might make eyes appear grey, but not blue.

amazing picture

"Hi, I'm an owl and I'm an amazing creature. Also, I'm super adorable." -All Owls


Another photo of Ugle, the snow owl chick. As mentioned before, he had to be made hand-tame since he would participate in a flight show at another park. Ugle the snow owl chick

Cabin in the woods

Awesome rustic cabin screened porch with river rock fireplace, furnished for additional bedroom and hang-out space. Design & architecture by Land's End Development.

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl-we have a pair hooting the past few weeks

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