Every Harry Potter spell

Every Harry Potter spell

The most amazing gift for Harry Potter and Journey fans! I need this shirt <3

Just a wizard girl living in a muggle world/Took the Hogwarts train going anywhere

Harry Potter

Well played, Harry…

I love this: HARRY POTTER LORD OF SASS Oh, this is too good. They should have put this in the movie! But actually, I think Harry and Percy are going to have to share the lord of sass throne and crown.

Ron & Hermione.i usually don't pin Harry potter pins, but this was too cute to pass up.

If you've read the books you'll understand who hugo is. This is so sweet it nearly made me cry! And I'm not a crying person I'm just a Crazy harry potter fan!

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Professors Snape, Dumbledore and Slughorn in the back ground is gold! They may be extremely powerful, wise and all knowing- wizards and yet teenage girl drama fascinates Dumbledore, baffles Snape and terrifies Slughorn.

Color me impressed.

Why so serius?

Why so Sirius? So Raise your glass if you are Ron. Pink's Raise your glass- Harry Potter style

Bellaception!   A fun Harry Potter quote about Bellatrix and Hermione. I got confused at first, now I understand.

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Funny pictures about Bellaception. Oh, and cool pics about Bellaception. Also, Bellaception photos.