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Me lembra os pom pons de l que minha me fazia para mim (mais no rosto dele, o resto me lembra pinguins e peixes) I know he isn't real but I still really want one well maybe two so he wouldn't be alone .

"Lapin Noir - Le Sabre" | Artist: Huck Gee

It's been a pleasure seeing all the WIP shots from Huck Gee the making of this fantastic character Lapin Noir -


A big feature of retro futurism is always been robots - mostly cheesy tin-can robots who lurch along at a snail’s pace while stupid humans run screaming. But not all retro robots are insane or.

Artist: Chris Ryniak

First Thought - This alien is very cute and I like how he has one eye closed to either signal injury or adds to the cuteness of the character. I feel having a relatively cute character is a must have for a family fighting game.