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Οικονομικά Προσκλητήρια Τιμές

Dandara was an Afro-Brazilian Woman, Warrior who lived in the 1600s. She was co-founder of Palmares, a run-away slave community (quilombo) that thrived for almost a century. Bravely she fought alongside Zumbi and others defending the freedom of her people and her community. Palmares was eventually overthrown by Dutch and Portuguese colonizers, but rather than return to slavery, Dandara took her own life as an act of resistance.

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American-born, Japanese activist Yuri Kochiyama. After Pearl Harbor the FBI jailed her father, who died one day after his release. She was interned for 3 years. In Harlem, she became acquainted with Malcolm X and at his assassination in 1965, she held him in her arms as he lay dying. She supported African American, Asian American and Puerto Rican rights, and in 1988 won internee reparations from the US Government. Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in “1,000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize…

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Some of the prominent women of the Black Panther Party.

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Wendy Mazursky

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Irena Sendler

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An accidental martyr? The 100-year mystery of why suffragette Emily Davison threw herself under the king's horse

1913 Emily Davison is struck by the kings horse. She had bought a return ticket to travel home; perhaps dispelling the myth that she had 'thrown' herself under the horse and rather was actually trying to attach a ribbon of suffragette colours to the horse's bridle?

An accidental martyr? The 100-year mystery of why suffragette Emily Davison threw herself under the king's horse


Suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst Tile Coaster

On this day 14th July,1858 the birth in Moss Side, Manchester of Emmeline Pankhurst, English Suffragette who led the fight for women's suffrage in Britain, often by violent means

Suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst Tile Coaster on

Mary Gawthorpe (1881-1973) British suffragette and trade unionist, strongly involved in the Women's Social and Political Union in Leeds. She was imprisoned a number of times and badly beaten for her political activities. Later she co-edited The Freewoman: A Weekly Feminist Review.

Mary Gawthorpe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"At Last", cover on 'The Suffragist', Saturday, June 21, 1919. In September 1918 President Wilson endorsed the amendment granting women the right to vote. It took nine months from Wilson's endorsement until Congress passed the amendment in June 1919.

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The women who participated in this 1913 pro-suffrage march on Washington, D.C., were yelled at and spat upon by an angry mob.

War on Women, Waged in Postcards: Memes From the Suffragist Era

It doesn't matter what you wear or how you look, we both know what you do when you're behind the booth. When it's time to put the marker to paper... yeahhhhh.

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This picture was taken in 1917, and shows a woman at a suffrage protest. The women were protesting the recent arrest and incarceration of some of their fellow protesters.

Old Picture of the Day: Women's Suffrage

Women picketed the White House in 1917 to try to get President Wilson to support woman suffrage.

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Women's suffrage poster from 1909 "No Taxation without Representation." I never even thought of it from that point of view.

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M. Greene Blumenschein. “Votes for Women” Postcard, circa 1915. Postcard. Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

Brooklyn Museum: Exhibitions: Votes for Women

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War on women: Propaganda postcards from suffragette era show fierce battle fought by American women to get the vote... and Obama can thank them for his job

A sobering collection of anti-feminist propaganda has captured the war waged on women as they struggled to get the vote during the late 19th and early 20th centuries

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Sabine's great-great aunts were suffragettes. When we showed her Mary Poppins, and explained Mrs. Banks was a suffragette like some of great-granddad's sisters, nothing would do for Halloween but a Mrs. Banks/Suffragette costume. (Thanks to Grandmom for the sewing skills!) Repost from A Mighty Girl.

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"Educator Charlotte Hawkins Brown on her wedding day, 1912. Founder of the Palmer Memorial Institute in North Carolina, Ms. Brown was also a suffragist who worked for black women to have the same rights black men and white women were fighting for in the early 20th century. She was also the great aunt of singer Natalie Cole. In fact, she raised Natalie’s mother Maria and her sisters (her brother’s children) when their mother died in childbirth." Ms. Brown died in 1961.

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Suffragette, Britain, 1911. Women of Britain & the U.S., never waste your right to vote. These women fought, died and starved for a right we now take for granted. It's a right still denied to millions of women around the world.

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Growing calls for Government to issue official apology to Suffragettes who fought to win vote for women

Miss Billington carries a banner enscribed with the suffragette slogan 'Votes For Women' during a demonstration at Westminster

Growing calls for Government to issue official apology to Suffragettes who fought to win vote for women

"Women bring all voters into the world, Let Women Vote"

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British pro-women's suffrage poster, "Convicts and Lunatics have no vote for Parliament. Should all Women be classed with these?"

SUFFRAGETTES ILLUSTRATION 1900s - a photo on Flickriver

Mrs Edith Margaret Garrud (1872-1971) was the suffragette who taught the other suffragettes...jiu-jitsu. And ran a dojo. With her daughter! This entire article is AMAZING. Go read it!

Revolting Women: The Ju-Jutsuffragettes | Bad Reputation

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'Suffrajitsu': How the suffragettes fought back using martial arts

The women who taught themselves jiu-jitsu to protect themselves during demonstrations, literally fighting for our right to vote. <3

'Suffrajitsu': How the suffragettes fought back using martial arts - BBC News

Inspiring: women's suffrage flyer from 1920 Found at Missouri History Museum.

Found in Mom's Basement: Advertising from the 1920s