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Love spending hours at the lathe spinning raw wood into beautiful projects? Here are a few reader submitted tricks to help you turn even better.

Tested Tips for turners

Dale Toms had a unique incentive to quit smoking--one new tool of his choice for every 30 days without a cigarette.

The great Virginia smoke out

Learn to Turn: A Beginner's Guide to Woodturning from Start to Finish - Written for true beginners, this approachable and enjoyable instructional guide teaches the art of turning. Readers receive advice on every step of the turning process, including

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Sharpening Woodturning Tools: The Ins & Outs

Sharp tools are the key to success in woodturning. The learning curve in sharpening the tools is as steep as the learning curve in turning itself. Learn the one single difference from sharpening other woodworking tools and improve your turning abilities beyond what you would imagine.

Sharpening Woodturning Tools Properly Changes Everything