Wesco Farms

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Winters, CA  ·  Owning, breeding and raising Miniature Horses since 1999 in Northern California. Independent Product Consultant for doTerra Essential Oils
Wesco Farms
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Check out the new Senza Hotel guest rooms.

Senza is a newly remodeled boutique hotel in Napa. Pollin's Interiors created the custom headboard, platform bed, pillows for a luxurious garden suite.

GLD Presents Neck Relaxation Yoga with Dr  Yusuf Erskine

GLD Presents Neck Relaxation Yoga with Dr Yusuf Erskine

Diffuse essential oils simply by turning on the lights!

A Mum 'n the Oven: August 2012 To make a room smell consistently nice, spray a fragrance you like onto a light bulb.When you turn on the light, it will let off the smell with the heat! Make sure you only apply the scent when the bulb is COLD.

Horse Hugs = Bliss

Let's be completely honest, this had better be my future kid and pony or I'm gonna be seriously disappointed. My two favorite things: ponies and precious boy babies in grown-up clothes, and they're hugging! Lead line child hugging pony after class.