Get Smart

TV shows - Get Smart , Maxwell Smart, Don Adams , Barbara Feldon as Agent 99

Sweetie Dahling....

Television Series: Patsy Stone - Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous. Usually drunk and always heavily medicated, Patsy is the epitome of chic, put together style, a perfect foil to Edina who’s a.

Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping Up Appearances Front row: Clive Swift (as Richard Bucket), Patricia Routledge (as Hyacinth Bucket) Back Row: Geoffrey Hughes (as Onslow), Judy Cornwell (as Daisy) and Mary Millar (as Rose)


Watch NCIS season 12 episode 1 'Twenty Klicks' online for free. Includes episode promo, video links, schedule and photos.

Absolutely Fabulous

Edina and Patsy. Sadly, always a bit (!) drunk and always inappropriate. Their behavior appalled Eddie's daughter and confused her mother. But absolutely fabulous British humor. Loved this show.

Sometimes the art of making a successful sitcom looks effortless and with both its tight scripts and the starring talents of Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer, As Time Goes By is a fine example.

As Time Goes By! My most favorite BBC comedy starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer

Are You Being Served

Trevor Bannister obituary

Are You Being Served? - Are You Being Served? is a British sitcom broadcast from 1972 to It was set in the ladies' and gentlemen's clothing departments of Grace Brothers, a large, fictional London department store.

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