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Maite Bastarrica

Maite Bastarrica
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Tiny Tattoos - Inked Magazine

We love seeing a full body suit tattoo as much as the next guy but sometimes the tattoos that impress us the most are the ones that are barely even noticeable. The amount of detail that goes into some of. [ read more ]

watercolour tattoo fox - Sasha Unisex tattoo

watercolour tattoo fox - Sasha Unisex tattoo I'd like my fox awake and alert (and with outlines) but the design and colours are pretty

My daughter would love this tattoo, but she is such a wimp a tattoo doesn't seem to be in her future.

While the practice of tattoos has been around for centuries, tattoos imitating watercolor painting are relatively new, as well as revolutionary. Watercolor tat (Page