Westward Expansion Thematic Unit

information, resources, and pictures on how to teach a thematic unit on Manifest Destiny for 8th Grade Social Studies
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Advice from veteran teachers on communicating with parents: http://m.readingrockets.org/article/19308/

An article on the benefits of parent teacher communication, and different ways and strategies to communicate with parents: http://m.readingrockets.org/article/19308/

An article on how to arrange your classroom to promote learning: http://suite101.com/article/how-to-design-a-classroom-that-promotes-learning-a197505

An article on classroom arrangements that promote positive academic and behavioral outcomes: http://www.academia.edu/706890/Seating_Arrangements_That_Promote_Positive_Academic_and_Behavioural_Outcomes_a_Review_of_Empirical_Research

"Top Ten" list of classroom management resources and ideas

An article describing six classroom management strategies

A link to an article about Canter's Assertive Discipline model for classroom management: http://www.teachermatters.com/classroom-discipline/models-of-discipline/the-canter-model.html

A site with lots of helpful videos depicting different classroom management techniques.

An article about the arms and weapons used at the battle of the Alamo

A history on the Alamo cannon.

12 flash cards to study important aspects of the Texas revolution

A list of important people of the Texas revolution with a brief explanation of why each made the list.

A song about the Texas revolution. There's no music to go with it, so it might be fun to work with students and figure out what tune this song could be sung to. I couldn't pin this link since there are no images to pin: http://masterdonalson.blogspot.com/2009/09/texas-revolution-song_23.html

This was a really cool video that gives useful information as to what led up to westward expansion that would work as an intro video

This is a great activity you can play with the students. After they learn about what the travelers west had to deal with moving west they can make their own game similar to the idea of "Oregon Trails"

This show the most famous of trails that those moving west took, this would be very useful for the students to see so that they will have an idea of the types of features they had to go through to get west.

This was a really cool animated gif that shows the expansion west and how the United States formed to how it is today.

This links you to some really cool smart notebook projects that you could present to the students as an introduction to the unit.

This is the famous painting that expressed the idea of manifest destiny. It also links to wikipedia description which the teacher should review beforehand to make sure that they too believe what is it saying before showing their students.

This takes the students to a website that is filled with loads of information that is great for kids. Allowing the kids to view this website allows them view more information about the topics covered in class.

This website had a brief description of the Homestead Act and how it was motivation for those to move out west.

Google Image of nighttime population distribution. discussion prompt about the differences in East and Western US and how it influences distributions

Timeline of Events - Texas Revolution Provides a good outline of major events in the Texas revolution with brief descriptions of the events.

The Flags of the Texas Revolution - Short summary of how/why there were so many Texas flags during the revolution as well as a brief description for each pictured

Western Expansion - FREE American History Lesson Plans & Games for Kids - This would be a great resource for a teacher during a Westward Expansion unit. It has something for students and teachers over several Westward Expansion topics.