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Gifts For Girls Age 3

Top gifts for 3 year old girls. A great selection of the best 3 year old girl gifts that won't break the bank!
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Catch Bubbles

Little girls age 3 will love to chase and catch bubbles outside.

Air Circus Bubble Factory Machine

Girls Aged

For Girls

Doctor Kit

Deluxe Doctor

Creative Play

Encourage Creative

Kids Age

Medical Kit

Kits For Kids

This Deluxe Doctor Kit is great for girls aged 3 who love looking after people and making them better...

Deluxe Doctor Kit by Battat

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Girl Day

WOW Toys Girls Day Out is a lovely gift for girls age 3

Girls Day Out - Multipack by Wow Toys

House Daisy

Daisy Cottage

От Le

Le Toy Van

Van Doll

Van For Sale

Furniture Le

Imaginative Play

Kids Ideas

Daisy Cottage With Furniture is a great gift idea for 3 year old girls to encourage imaginative play.

Le Toy Van Daisy Cottage With Furniture

Umbrella For

Changing Umbrella

Umbrella Flower

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Changing Flower

Colour Changing

Magical Colour Changing Flower Umbrella is a perfect gift idea for girls aged 3 to use on the school run on these rainy days.

Colour Changing Umbrella - Flower

Double Flip

Double Sided

Games Double

Flip Giftwrappedandgorgeous

Children Gift

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Games Play

Games Mat

Amp Games

Fun & Games reversible and washable play mat - a fabulous gift for kids age 3 to be creative.

Double Flip Fun & Games Mat

Katz Elephant

Elephant Towel

Katz Towel

Tyrrell Katz

Fun Practical

Girls Aged

Aged 3

Gifts For Girls


This Tyrrell Katz elephant towel is a fun practical gift for girls aged 3 to use at swimming and on holidays too.

Tyrrell Katz Elephants Towels - from what2buy4kids

Minilina Doll

Set Doll

Rag Dolls

Doll Veterinarian

Kidz Crochet

Nici Minilina

Shop Suche

Nici Shop

Animals Better

Stunning gift for girls age 3 who love to look after their pets- wish I was little again!!!!

NICI Minilina Doll Vet Set

Cat Maracas

Mouse Maracas

Maracas Set

Pink Mouse

Mouse Cat

Gifts For 2015

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Madallyn Christmas

Making Lots

Great gift for girls age 3 who like to make lots of noise!

Mouse And Cat Maracas Set by Orange Tree Toys

Princess Money

Toys Princess

Wooden Princess

Little Princess

Moneybox Ideas

Moneybox Money

Childrens Wooden

Toys Wooden

Princess Bnwt

A great way to encourage girls age 3 to save their pennies... this princess money box is simply adorable.

Princess Money Box By Orange Tree Toys

Blayke Christmas Gifts

Playhouse Fun2Give

Fun2Give Pop It Up

Tent Qualifies

Flower Tent

Abby Gift

Pop Up Tent

Gifts For Girls

Flower Fairies

Loving this pop up play tent for girls age 3

Fairy Flower Pop It Up Play Tent |

Farm Puzzle

Giant Puzzle

Girls Age

Kids Age

Fab Gift

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Girls Entertained

Giant Farm

Toy Guide

A lovely giant puzzle for 3 year olds. This is a fab gift idea to keep girls entertained for hours.

Orchard Toys Giant Farm Puzzle - Age 3 - Gifts For Girls

Girls Covered

3 Covered

Girls Aged

For Girls

Garden Backpack

Girl Gift Ideas

Ideal School

Secret Gardens

Great Gifts

A lovely back pack for girls aged 3, covered in all things you'd love to see in a secret garden. A great gift for a school bag.

Tyrrell Katz Backpack - Secret Garden - Back To School

Turns Colder

Weather Turns

Girl Snuggle

Xmas Pressies

Girls Age

Age 3


Rag Doll

Olivia D'Abo

As the weather turns colder, girls age 3 will love to snuggle up to Olivia at night.

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Alphabet Stacking

Alphabet Nesting

Nesting Stacking

Stacking Block

Educational Alphabet

Educational Gift

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Girls Aged

A fun educational gift for girls aged 3 with so many possibilities....

Alphabet Stacking Blocks - Melissa And Doug - from what2buy4kids

Summer Girls

Summer Fun

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Little Girls

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Turtle Towel

Abby Gift

Hooded Beach

This very cute Turtle towel with a hood is a great gift ideal for girls aged 3 to use when swimming or on holiday.

Stephen Joseph Hooded Towels - Turtle - From

Floating Blocks

Floating Building

Building Base

Girls Age

Kids Age

Edushape Floating

Blocks Bath

Kids Entertained


These 3D floating home is a great bath toy for 3 year olds to keep them occupied in the bath.

Edushape Floating Blocks Bath Toy -from what2buy4kids

Garden Drinking

Garden Drinks

Tritan Drink

Katz Secret

Lovely Drinking

Bottle Hardtofind

Katz Gifts

Drinking Bottles

Drinks Bottles

A great leak proof bottle which girls aged 3 will love, covered in all things you might find in a secret garden...

Tyrrell Katz Secret Garden Drinking Bottle

Stuff For Baking

Kids Baking

Baking Set

Baking Delicious

Delicious Cupcakes

Cookie Kit

Cookie Baking

Cooking Gift

Kids Cooking

A fabulous cooking/baking set for girls aged 3 to enjoy a baking afternoon. You can do both Cookies and cupcakes.

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Horse Inflatable

Inflatable Pink

Inflatable Hopper

Happyhopperz Pink

Hot Pink

Boys Gift

Girl Gift

Olds Happy

Happy Bouncy

Happy hoppy fun for girls aged 3 - let your little ones bounce on one of these great happy hopperz. This makes a great gift for a birthday.

Happy Hopperz - Large Horse from what2buy4kids

Blanket Backpack

Pack Blanket

Backpack Bunny

Blanket Isn T

Bunny Blanket

Blanket Inside

Pillow Blanket

Bunny Bobo

Bunny It S

This Bunny Bobo Buddie is a backpack and blanket - the perfect travel accessory for kids aged 3.

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Ellen Fairy

Rachel Ellen Uk

Fairytales Multfilms

Toadstool Design

Fairy Toadstools

Fairy Stickers

Buy Fairy

Images Of Fairies

Design Fairy

All little girls will love these Rachel Ellen fairy stickers. Let your 3 years old be creative.

Rachel Ellen Stickers - Fairy - From

Sorting Barns

Nesting Sorting

Doug Nesting

Barns Animals

Melissa And Doug

Toys For Children

Children 2014

Kids Bits

Birthdays Holidays

A beautiful gift for girls age 3 and very educational too!

Stacking, Nesting & Sorting Barns And Animals by Melissa and Doug

Car Journeys

3 Year Old Girl

Pillow Pets



Girls Age

Perfect Travel

Travel Companion

3 Year Olds

A perfect travel companion for 3 year old girls to use on car journeys.

Dreamy Ladybug Pillow Pet - 18 Inch - From

Twilight Turtle

Purple Twilight

Pin Turtles

Heart Turtles

Totally Turtles

Light Stars

Light Umm

Dream Light

Constellation Nightlight

A perfect gift to comfort 3 year old girls as they fall asleep

Cloud B Twilight Turtle Nightlight - Purple - from what2buy4kids