Very over protective father - I bet dad thought about doing this once or twice. funny thing is - I wouldn't have driven in the "NO!" zone- because the car's fastest speed isn't covered ;

Take that.

Bahaha, I love short arm Trex jokes, never seen this one before! The Unstoppable T-Rex

black cat pillows tutorial

Halloween Crafts: Black Cat Pillows

Halloween Crafts: Black Cat Pillows Turn ordinary black pillows into creative Holiday decorations with crystal buttons and just two strands of floss Skill Level: Beginner Materials: Hand sewing.


Stick figure family decals have been around since if you can believe it, and though their 15 minutes of fame has LONG expired. These 10 antisocial stick figure family decals cleverly mock, belittle, shame and otherwise

Three French Hens   @Lisa Utter

Three French Hens... Poster by Will Bullas

Three French Hens by Will Bullas - this makes me break out in a big smile! Thank you Will Bullas.

Behind the Scenes of the First Godzilla Movie

Special effects master Eiji Tsuburaya and Gojira ( Godzilla ) on the set of the 1954 film. I was never a big fan of those silly Japanese Monster Films.