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"Tim Walker, take us into the weekend..."

Gumball machines

Three Bubble Gum Machines by Garry Gay

WEDDING CAKE Twinkle Sprinkle Medley

THE Best Peppermint Patties I've Ever Tasted!!

Homemade sour gummies.

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Pastel Candy Hearts

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#Fruity #sweets : #love it ! <3

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Old Fashioned Yellow Thin Ribbon Candy

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pink | chiclets

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This candy buffet idea is soda-licious! Make a rainbow of soda bottles that *pop* with every color of candy!

Candy Buffet Ideas: Rainbow Party Ideas- Party City

༺☀️Ꮥᘎᙢᙢɛཞ ᎠᏗƴ ༺

Live in the greater Houston area?


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Ana Rosa

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japanese fashion decora / fairy kei kawaii cute girl hair accessories

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Japanese sweets / 干菓子(higashi)

甘味処・栖園で作りたての和菓子を@京都|ウーマンエキサイト みんなの投稿

How Should I Display My Buffet?

❤ Kawaii Shop ❤ More like Jap Sweets...

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Rainbow Bubblegum iPhone Case #bubblegum #pink #colorful #retro #iphonecase #iphone #phonecase #phonecases

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Paris, FranceThe next time you're in Paris, make a point to stop by À la Mère de Famille​. Founded it 1761, it is the oldest confiserie in the city—and it shows (in a good way). As soon as you spot the iconic Belle Époque type on the storefront and the glass jars full of bonbons inside, you'll feel like you stepped straight into 18th-century Paris.

10 Candy Shops Where You Get the Willy Wonka Experience

Xtra Inspiration #1: Pastel Colored Marshmallows: These pastel colored marshmallows inspired me because they reflect the color scheme I have chosen!

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Fruit lollipops - used to try and get it off the stick whole.

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Fruit gummy's

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