Raindrops by Tanja Brandt

Owl sheltering from the rain under a mushroom birds of prey + wildlife photography

I love the smile on this kids face. I think the shutter speed should be adjusted to catch the water drops/spray more clearly.

T H E  R A I N by Keith Williams

The Rain by Keith Williams.a great rain picture for all who keep a board on…


With her umbrella and red heels. She headed across the bridge. From the Fog towards the Light. A wounded soul in melancholy flight.


"He sends lightning with rain" . I'm thinking this guy needs to pay attention! Didn't Mum say "never use an umbrella during a lightning storm"


Rain,green,umbrellas,children - earth-song: “Rainy Seasons” by Arief Nurdin

Rainy day in Russia

Rainy day in Russia. I LOVE the rain! I never feel happier or safer than in the middle of a major rain storm!