3 steps - How to draw mountains

Here's a simple way to draw mountains. This would be useful if one was going to draw or paint a map. 3 steps - How to draw the mountains. by ~fragless on deviantART

minimalist tree tattoo - Google Search

Pine trees on my fingers? That'd be a hella cool tattoo. KATIE HOLTEN, Trees of the USA VII (Pines), ink on paper, x 76 cm, in frame

Phenomenal Blackwork Tattoos by Thomas Eckeard

Phenomenal Blackwork Tattoos by Thomas Eckeard

Mountain Band drawing - Google'da Ara

Inner part of my arm band tattoo, norwegian landscape. Done by James Fraser!

First Instagram illustration of 2016! I've been traveling and sick the past couple weeks so I'm a little behind on here and life. #art #illustration

Pen and Ink illustration by Sam Larson. Love the use of pointillism to help add tone to the sketch.

Tree rings; shoulder tattoo

I like this idea. It is a tree. Every year a tree gets older it gets another ring. So e wry year you gettin older you can get another ring tattooed.