Hunter S. Thompson & Bill Murray.

Hunter S Thompson & Bill Murray. "polite as fuck" that got me so good! i need that shirt.

"Booth Seating." -Tina, daughter

Video: Premiere Episode of 'Bob's Burgers'

Wallpaper and background photos of Bob's Burgers. for fans of Bob's Burgers images.

The United Shapes

United Shapes, the latest comic on xkcd, features a map of things states are shaped like (here's a larger version).

Married To The Sea - by Drew & Natalie Dee

epic fail photos - School of Fail: Kids These Days Just Have No Damn Respect.


LEGITIMATE Mitt Romney quotes plastered on Lucille Bluth's face. This is a special favourite, as I'm a Canadian! And SUPER anti-pipeline. And Mitt, I suppose.

Giant trampoline bridge planned for Paris

A Trampoline Bridge For Bouncing Across Paris's River Seine by Atelier Zündel Cristea. This idea got third place in the competition "A Bridge in Paris".

#rain Gameplay Video #ps3

Rain, A PlayStation Network Game About A Ghostly Little Boy, Monsters, and Lots of Rain

Play the Perfect Strangers game: Guess what! sitcom Perfect Strangers is now a flash game based on the iconic theme song, 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now!