library card catalogue ---almost a relic in today's electronic age

Things That Should Come Back in 2011

library card catalogue ---almost a relic in today's electronic age I loved the Dewey decimal system and considered becoming a librarian when in the grade!

Mickey Mouse Club

Original Mickey Mouse Club - watched it before dinner every weekday!

typing class.

typing--it was a class, you had to do it quickly and accurately. there was no spell check or cut & paste! I hated my typing teacher. She would smack our fingers with a ruler if we didn't have our fingers 'just right' on the key board.

Home Economics...Oh, how I loved this class!  Especially when we were able to cook!   :)

Home Ec Class! - Home Economics class was taught to all the girls in school to teach them how to be a housewife, more or less. Guys didn't participate because while we were in the "kitchen" they had shop class.

vintage wrap around jean skirt

Denim Wrap Skirt / Jean Wrap Around Skirt

Denim wrap around jean skirt. I loved wrap around skirts.

(heavy) wooden tennis rackets with covers

Heavy wooden tennis rackets with frames to keep them from warping. There was a resurgence of interest in tennis going on around the time of the Battle of the Sexes II in 1973 between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Even I wanted to learn to play tennis.

Sea Breeze

Beautiful skin can be a breeze with Sea Breeze! Back in the I swore by Sea Breeze face cleanser. I loved the cool, crisp, clea.

Diana Rigg & Patrick Macnee, The Avengers.  I used to watch this show.

Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) & Jonathan Steed (Patrick Macnee) - The Avengers



They had no sole or heel. The bottom would become dark and slick. Almost like walking in socks. I still wear moccasins today. The ones I have now are black.