raspberry champagne float

Raspberry Lychee Sorbet Champagne Floats

RECIPE: Raspberry Lychee Sorbet with Champagne (Champagne Floats) Raspberry Sorbet INGREDIENTS ½ frozen raspberries can can of lychees packed in their own juices --A few drops of rosewater

raspberry honey tapioca

Raspberry Honey Tapioca Pudding 3 cups / 710 ml milk cup / oz / 70 g small pearl tapioca 2 large egg yolks, lightly beaten tsp fine-grain sea salt cup / 80 ml mild honey (I used raspberry honey) Grated zest of 1 small lemon to 1 tsp rose water

Raspberry Whip...

1 angel food cake (broken into bits). 1 carton of Cool Whip. 1 c. 1 c. 1 pint red raspberries (well drained, fresh or frozen). In a medium bowl, mix together the Cool Whip, sour cream and powdered su

Raspberry Cream Puffs

Recipes, Dinner Ideas, Healthy Recipes & Food Guide: Feeling French - Raspberry Cream Puffs will sell

Raspberry Quesadillas

Raspberry Quesadillas 4 whole Flour Tortillas (small) ½ cups Fresh, Grated Monterey Jack Cheese ½ cups Fresh Raspberries

Raspberry Rose Soufflé lovely for tea parties

Raspberry Rose Soufflé Variation a classic French dessert. I have been interested in French cuisine lately

woah, pistachio and raspberry cheescake

Raspberry Pistachio Cheesecake Recipe From The SoNo Baking Company Cookbook By John Barricelli (Project Foodie)

o m g! chocolate & raspberry

Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberries Filling and Chocolate Ganache. Chocolate mousse cake recipe pairs the thick, spongey cake with raspberry sorbet and raspberry sauce. An amazing chocolate dess

Lemon raspberry mille feuilles

Lemon Raspberry Mille Feuilles - puff pastry rectangles filled with a whipped cream/lemon curd mousse and raspberries

Lemon Glazed Angel Food Cupcakes with Raspberries & Cream


Lemon Glazed Angel Food Cupcakes with Raspberries & Cream (Get Off Your Butt & Bake)

Raspberry-Lemon Whoopie Pies

Raspberry-Lemon Whoopie Pies

Raspberry-Lemon Whoopie Pies - The flavor was amazing but the raspberry whipped cream was not sturdy enough for the whoopee pie cookie. Ended up just dipping the cookies in the raspberry whipped cream.