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A Waldorf advent journey ~ Happy Whimsical Hearts Happy Family, Red Roses, Birthday Candles, Whimsical, Hearts, Journey, Advent Ideas, Christmas, Festivals

A Waldorf advent journey ~ Happy Whimsical Hearts

This post is sponsored by Honeybee Toys On our Advent journey this year, we will be celebrating Earth’s natural kingdoms, in the Waldorf tradition. The first light of Advent is the light of stones– Light that lives in crystals, seashells, and bones. The second light of Advent is the light of plants– Plants that reach up to the sun and in the breezes dance. The third light of Advent is the light of beasts– All await the birth, from the greatest and in least. The fourth light of Advent is the…

Cute Children's book: Love is the Color of a Rainbow. The author is giving away a personalized autographed copy right now! Class Library, Green Books, Rugrats, Happy Family, Mom Blogs, Cute Kids, Childrens Books, Whimsical, Author

Blogger Tag ~ Happy Whimsical Hearts

The lovely Carrie from Crafty Moms Share has tagged me! So I’m it 😉 Which means I need to answer 11 questions from Carrie before I get to tag some blogger friends and get them to answer my questions – fun huh *smile* Rules** Answer the 11 questions, and then create your own** Tag 11 bloggers and link to them in your post** Tell them they are tagged So… Carrie asked me ~ What got you into blogging? When I was looking for arts and crafts to try with my son I found blogland and have been a…

Mother of Discussion: Titanic activity for preschoolers Toad, Titanic, Preschool Activities, Exhibit, Things To Think About, Teaching, Happy Family, Education, Fun

Titanic activity for preschoolers

The Titanic exhibit is currently in town. I thought it would be something fun for older Toad and I to do together. I got What Sank the World's Biggest Ship as an introduction to the subject so we could learn a bit together before we went. Younger Toad enjoyed it a lot too, and learned enough that walking through the library he found this DK book in the aisle, recognized it was the Titanic, and insisted we check it out. Once we got home, even before we read the book, we had a long talk about…

ziezo - Crafting and Living in Kenya: Weekend Walk Happy Family, Kenya, Crafting, Walking, Times, Basteln, Artesanato, Walks, Crafts

Weekend Walk

We decided to take an early walk on Sunday morning with some friends and their two dogs at the Primate Research Sanctuary in Karen. It's ...

When we were walking past this dock, this elderly lady ran out to see the kids. Northern Italy, Lake Como, Oh The Places You'll Go, Como Italy, Homeschooling Resources, Happy Family, Mountains, Travel, Viajes

Lake Como

When we were walking past this dock, this elderly lady ran out to see the kids. She wanted them to help her feed the ducks. This one woman made Lake Como feel so small and friendly. Lake Como is in the Lombardy region of Italy (north). Tourists visit for the slow pace of life. There are many narrow walkways through the villages. The lake is shaped like an upside down letter Y and ferry boats are one of the main modes of transportation between lakeside villages.

Simple Outdoor Play (No Toys Needed) – Making Boys Men, – natural playground ideas Outdoor Girls, Outdoor Fun, Outdoor Playground, Playground Ideas, Outdoor Activities, Activities For Kids, Toddler Fun, Exercise For Kids, Summer Kids

Simple Outdoor Play (No Toys Needed)

Pin It We love to play outside, often I organise and outdoor activity to coax the boys outside, but sometimes simple play is best! Here are a few simple ideas of things to do outside... 1 - Find some stepping stones 2 - Climb a steep hill 3 - Jump in puddles 4 - Jump down 5 - Slide down hills 6 - Bury someone in leaves 7 - Roll down hills Sometimes simple is best! I hope you've enjoyed Making Boys Men today, don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Pinterest.

Life on the Gravelly Road: Our Weekend Happy Family, Celestial, Times, Sunset, Outdoor, Outdoors, Sunsets, Outdoor Games

Our Weekend

An sunset stroll with my little boy. I mentioned that the sun was setting and he said, "Mom, lets walk into the sunset". So we did. ...

Taming the Goblin: Hidden delights at Nature Nursery Wooden Walkways, Natural Nursery, Happy Family, Goblin, Times, Outdoor Decor, Nature, Naturaleza, Wood Walkway

Hidden delights at Nature Nursery

(Goblin is 36 months) There is construction work a foot at the farm this week. The kids went to investigate the new wooden walkways tha...

Taming the Goblin: 5 Tips for taking tinies to London London Eye, Outdoor Play, London Travel, Goblin, Fair Grounds, Europe, Happy Family, Travel Ideas, Tips

5 Tips for taking tinies to London

(Goblin is 36 months) This weekend we took a trip to London. Its not far for us, about an hour by train. We went to see the London Eye....

Like Mama~Like Daughter: Friday Afternoons and Eco Kids Tuesday Linky Party! Eco Kids, Happy Family, Go Green, Reuse, Tuesday, Eco Friendly, Friday, Felt, Daughter

Friday Afternoons and Eco Kids Tuesday Linky Party!

Ever since going back to work after I had Squirrely, I have taken Fridays off. I really needed a day to focus on housework, and I felt lik...

In the Deep Deep Woods: Martinmas Lantern Walk 2012 Happy Family, Lanterns, Woods, Walking, Deep, Celestial, Times, Sunset, Outdoor

Martinmas Lantern Walk 2012

Today was our schools Martinmas Lantern Walk. Usually the Sprouts class does not walk, but there were a few parents with older children that were going to be there as well as some friends of ours who's children are in the grades so we decided to attend this one too. We have one with our homeschool group this Sunday as well. I had the children do some wet on wet water coloring to craft our lanterns from. Here are our finished lanterns Off we go! The Second Grade Class tells the story of Saint…

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Bonfire Night, Happy Family, Fireworks, Halloween Party, Things To Come, Times, Country, Rural Area, Halloween Parties

Country Kids from Coombe Mill | Coombe Mill New

Bonfire Night a la Coombe Mill Our firework party is becoming a bit of a legend. Each year Farmer Nick and I hone our organisation and production skills to bring our guests and local friends a bonfire party to remember. It comes hot on the heels of our Halloween party so we need to be […]

The Good Long Road: Teaching Gratitude Mama Learns Days of Gratitude} Midway Point, Montessori Homeschool, Inspiring Things, 21 Days, Happy Family, Diy Stuff, Gratitude, Literacy, Activities For Kids

Teaching Gratitude #3: Mama Learns {21 Days of Gratitude}

Today marks, basically, the midway point of 21 Days of Gratitude. Not only am I teaching gratitude to my son, but I am also learning about gratitude - particularly about the value of creating a daily practice of gratitude. On this journey, it is not only my boys who are growing, learning and reading along the way -- Mama is too! Slowing down to create a post card of gratitude with Wild Thing, enjoy a meal as a family, take note for myself personally what I am grateful for that day, or…