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Simon Wroe is a former chef, so it’s no surprise that he set his debut novel in a kitchen. What is surprising about Chop Chop, though, is how little Wroe lets

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The intriguing thing about it is it manifests in a number of ways. No, ideas aren't tempting in themselves. The idea is exactly the same, but the book.


Love quote : Love quote, 'let's make time work for us' – inspirational quote – …

We did this quick lettering with the brush pen on (love the dry brush effect)! Cleaned + digitized with Lettering Rx. We are going to do some LIVE lettering edits this afternoon we hope you join us!

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WEBSTA @ goodtype - "High Five" by Really diggin' this color palette along with these creative and playful letters. 😎 Happy World Day for Cultural Diversity!

Low Key by Damian King

Low Key

Low Key by Damian King