how long do foods last?

This is a good chart to show How LONG FOOD Lasts. Good to know since I'm paranoid about these things

15 Grammer** Goofs Infographic :)

15 Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Silly

15 Grammar Goofs Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Education category. Check out 15 Grammar Goofs now!

hysterically informative. Something you'll laugh at, but you SO need to know.

What Your Poop and Pee Are Telling You About Your Body

What your poo and pee style tells you about your bod! Kinda gross but really good to know! important things to know to know about poop and pee:)Kinda gross but really good to know! important things to know to know about poop and pee

Quick reference guide in lieu of a thesaurus.

descriptive words other words to use. be still my heart! I love using a variety of descriptive words. This list, in the words of Mrs.Riley -my high school English teacher, is a plethora of words :-)

History chart

Covering 3000 BCE – present, this sturdy wallchart displays all the major empires, kingdoms, and civilizations throughout history in a side-by-side format so that the viewer can quickly see how


Sparks developed this Histomap of World History: The Story of Civilization in a Single Timeline around Published by Rand McNally

Maslow’s Hierachy Of Needs and Social Media

Abraham Maslows hierarchy of needs is an important psychological theory that addresses the stages of growth in humans. This infographic takes Maslows theory and looks at the social media tools that fulfill these needs.

The Joy Of Social Media

What would social media look like if Bob “Happy Trees” Ross, painter, art instructor and host of The Joy Of Painting, put it on canvas? A fun new infographic from Flowtown called ‘The Joy Of Social Media: How Bob Ross Sees It’ answers this question.

How To Craft A Successful Social Media Content Marketing Plan

How-to-craft-a-successful-social-media-content-marketing-plan by Salesforce Marketing Cloud via Slideshare