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Portents of change

Strange occurrences, observations and phenomena

Portents of change

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25 Adorably Disturbing Apocalyptic Nursery Rhymes

Community Post: 25 Adorably Disturbing Apocalyptic Nursery Rhymes

2,000 snow geese drop dead in Idaho after getting cholera

2,000 snow geese drop dead in Idaho after getting cholera

According to the Academy, the Lexias pardalis butterfly has a condition called “bilateral gynandromorphy,” and it’s most commonly noticed in birds and insects because males and females often have different color patterns.

Mysterious lights appear over Hawaii

Mysterious lights appear over Hawaii

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25 whales found dead near Marco Island - WFTX-TV Fort Myers/Naples, FL

Thousands of fish turn up dead in Old Lyme

Pilot Whales Stranded In Everglades National Park « CBS Miami

Photos: Super Typhoon Haiyan -

Typhoon 11/13

Another rare 'sea monster' lands in California: a 15-foot saber-toothed whale

Dolphins dying by the dozens along East Coast

the coming world-wide calamity!

Watch this video honeybee deaths

FBI memo ufo

Angel Hair is a strange phenomenon which is observed in certain parts of New Zealand and Australia. There are various accounts by the locals where they have witnessed fibrous substances falling from the sky. When the onlookers went ahead to collect these substances they just vanished away. These appear like spider webs that are drifting away in the air; some have even described them as similar to cotton.

Curiosity, mars....a discovery

The Mothman sightings began to be reported in 1966. The red-eyed winged creature was dubbed "Mothman". Sightings continued and fervor escalated over the following months, coinciding with a bewildering array of strange activity - including precognition, odd prophecies, UFO sightings and encounters with bizarre "Men in Black." It's one of the most puzzling and fascinating periods on record of paranormal activity focused in one geographic area. The creature itself has never been explained.

The natural phenomenon of Trovants: stones that literally grow by themselves. Romania may be known as the land of Dracula, heaped with bloodthirsty vampires and other creatures shaped by Hollywood imagination, but it is also a land where nature has had an interesting activity. Far less known to the world than Dracula, stand an impressive number of stones which quite literally grow by themselves. The stones are real and known as Trovants.

The townspeople of Oakville, Washington, were in for a surprise on August 7, 1994. Instead of their usual downpour of rain, the inhabitants of the small town witnessed countless gelatinous blobs falling from the sky. Once the globs fell, almost everyone in Oakville started to develop severe, flu-like symptoms that lasted anywhere from 7 weeks to 3 months. Finally, after exposure to the goo caused his mother to fall ill, one resident sent a sample of the blobs for testing.

Caption: This fish is even meaner than it looks. [Nightmares, anyone?] It's the snakehead. The fish are hardy enough to survive up to four days on land, and can migrate up to a quarter mile between bodies of water by wriggling on their fins. National Geographic has dubbed the snakehead "fishzilla," and it is also frequently referred to as the "fish from hell." They can grow to more than 2 feet long and have been found in at least seven states.

Sailors and oceanographers, who use sonar technology to map seafloor topography and identify ocean life, have regularly run into “acoustic ghosts”—inexplicable bodies of movable mass that sometimes rivaled the size of a city. In 2003 scientists aboard a research vessel just south of Long Island, New York, discovered that the UFOs were composed of hundreds of millions of fish. Using low-­frequency sonar technology they identified a school roughly the size of Manhattan.

Mutant butterflies Fukushima, Japan. After nuclear plant disaster.

roll cloud- just rare, not scary

Officials reported the floating rock shelf to be 250 nautical miles long by 30 nautical miles wide.