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The name ‘White Crow’ says much about us. It pays homage to the great 19th century spiritual adventurer, William James: ‘To upset the conclusion that all crows are black,’ he said, ‘there is no need to seek demonstration that no crow is black; it is sufficient to produce one white crow; a single one is sufficient.’ William James was a truth seeker, and in this same spirit of exploration, we journey on—seeking out spiritual truths and hopefully becoming a little more enlightened along the way.

White Crow Books

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Deathbed Phenomena in Hospice Care


Deathbed Phenomena in Hospice Care

In the Light of Death: Experiences on the threshold between life and death

In the Light of Death: Experiences on the threshold between life and death by Ineke Koedam | White Crow Books


Automatic Writing Explained

Franek Kluski produced what might justifiably be described as the widest and most striking range of phenomena in the history of physical mediumship.

Other Realities?: The enigma of Franek Kluski’s mediumship by Zofia Weaver | White Crow Books | Books

Franek Kluski produced what might justifiably be described as the widest and most striking range of phenomena in the history of physical mediumship.

White Crow Books

Holocaust survivor Esther Raab's story of her mother coming to her in a dream and directing her to safety from Nazi executioners is great example of psychic functioning and worth reading.

White Crow Books

Religion in the Afterlife transmitted via Emily French

White Crow Books

In this book Lord Dowding, whose name will be remembered in connection with the Battle Of Britain, puts forward a strong case for life after death.

Many Mansions by Lord Dowding | White Crow Books | E-books

– Veteran British lecturer, journalist, and author in the field of Spiritualism. He served as editor of the Psychic News and The Two Worlds for over three decades

Of all proofs of survival, what is called the "Direct Voice" is the most compelling.

White Crow Books

“Back in the past centuries, when the world of spirit had not its present development, there was little original inventive thought. Man built a shelter, killed his food, and fought his enemies, as any animal does.

White Crow Books

Purgatory is for real | Michael Tymn blog on White Crow Books

White Crow Books | Features

“Are you the product of your environment?” | Michael Cocks blog on White Crow Books

The best explanation that I have read as to how trance mediumship works came from Rolf Little (below) as communicated through the trance med...

Lychgate: The Entrance to the Path By 1940, World War II was raging, and one of the most prominent men in the UK was Air Chief Marshal Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding - more widely known as, Lord Dowding.

At the third meeting, Walsh experienced a complete blackout. When he regained consciousness, he was told by those present that he was controlled by a Red Indian named Malocca and that he began speaking in Malocca’s native tongue, until Mrs. Beames asked Malocca to attempt to speak in English, after which he spoke in broken English. He said he had been sent by God to be the chief guide and doorkeeper to Walsh.

The guides suggested they simply call themselves ‘followers of the truth of God’.

First published in 1938, this classic Silver Birch title has been reprinted many times. It contains a fascinating foreword by famous journalist Hannen Swaffer, after whom the Silver Birch circle was named. Silver Birch tells his own story and, as usual, answers countless questions, including life in the spirit realms.

I have been complaining how Skeptics “fix” Wikipedia, about Skeptic James Randi’s questionable ethics. But let us grant that you and I are not always perfect either. Each of us has their strong convictions with which we judge others. I judge the Skeptics and find it hard to have a good word to say about them, and they would judge me. Discerning ultimate reality is not so easy because scientists themselves are human beings, and do not always behave ethically.

“We point to a law that is a law,” he declares, “a law that has always operated, a law that will always operate because the Eternal Mind is responsible for its being.

White Crow Books

‘What in the deuce is the matter with me, with us all?’ I asked. He said, ‘Bob, we’re dead. Bob: "Dead Men Talking"

White Crow Books

Calling Earth. A documentary about After-Death Communication using electronic devices.

White Crow Books | Books

This soul sickness seems to have affected many people, apparently coming in the wake of Darwinism.  “We were all in the first flush of trium...

I’ve been dealing with residents of the Spirit World all of my life. Confronted with orbs of light, receiving premonitions of upcoming physi...