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Sleep with and deny it.

I'd have sex with these people. But after, I'd lie about it.

Sleep with and deny it.

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The guy I met on MySpace back in 2005. He so did NOT look like that in person.

My dealer. Even though it resulted in free drugs, that was not the original plan, for realsies.

He said he was on TV. He was actually a background actor on The Wizards of Waverly Place.

The shaggy street vendor I met from the Venice Boardwalk. But it turned out he was actually homeless....

  • Patrizia Ofthenemenz
    Patrizia Ofthenemenz

    I have seen this guy!!!

The one-hit-wonder who was on Celebrity Rehab.

I woke up next to this once while visiting my cousin at UC Santa Cruz in 2006.

That girl from Electric Daisy Carnival. Whatever, I was tripping balls.

The hot handyman/electrician/landscaper. He thought it was going to be an ongoing thing and had the nerve to call and ask to "hang out." Eeeew.

The guy from '03 who is now out of the closet.

Friend's dad, whoopsie daisy. But I still like to tease him when I go over to her house!

Sometimes guys with bewitching eyes are actually just really creepy.

South Beach 2005. I don't wanna talk about it, but he had really good coke.