Guilty...and these were the days, LOL! Now my daughter spends her hot summer days doing this, expect with her iPhone instead of a boom box ;)

Remember when.on a HOT Summer's Day, you 'layed out' in your backyard, next to a boom box, with baby oiled legs and lemon or 'Sun In' in your hair? haha I sure do!

Mercurochrome - I remember using this- This stuff burned!

Mercurochrome and Merthialate for our boo-boos.nothing like painting it orange.We called this monkey blood, which grossed me out as a kid that they would take a monkey's blood to help my cuts. I remember thinking "does this make me part monkey"?

Oh, so 80's. I had one!

I had this sweater and the leg warmers to match. and Heart earrings with a rainbow on them that I wore when I wore the sweater.


Yes - the old metal swing sets! We'd swing so high pokes would start lifting out of ground.

80 Things From the '80s

80 Things From the How many of these movies TV shows music icons foods toys fashions and other pop culture references from the can you name? Click through for the answers.

Mcdonald’s Old Menu

Mcdonald’s Old Menu

Funny pictures about Mcdonald's Old Menu Was A Bit Different. Oh, and cool pics about Mcdonald's Old Menu Was A Bit Different. Also, Mcdonald's Old Menu Was A Bit Different photos.

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The good ole days! People now days go CRAZY without their phones! The good ole days.

1980s Barbie Dream kitchen

1980's Barbie Dream Kitchen with Nearly 60 accessories

Barbie Dream Kitchen ---one of my most favorite Barbie toys ever! And it smelled like vanilla!