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The last one is my favorite.

Ellen’s Favorite Tweets


I love this movie!!!!!

Why are you wearing pajamas?

Ahhhhh yes Veggie Tales

My hero


Post by Nina-Aliyah on Boldomatic

... but mine since last year... ;)

How To Piss Off Every Settler Of Catan In Just 14 Moves

Kick walk

Twitter / JLawrenceNation: My idol people

One Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Best Scenes

One Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Best Scenes


Once when my brother was 3 he was ticked at my mom and covered his whole room in baby power. the whole room. top and bottom bunk. 3. years. old.

  • Louise W
    Louise W

    Oh god they are the devil lol

How many tickles

I have selective OCD..... I haven't vacuumed in 2 weeks, but don't you dare get my silverware drawer out of order.

You are disgusting. You'll never find love.




Things are not the same anymore…

Dog's best friend

Disney Villains Spoof The "Chicago" Musical's "Cell Block Tango" - BuzzFeed Mobile

First World Dvr Problems

i love this episode

Disney insults and comebacks

Disney insults and comebacks.

"#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake