Color Theory

Use the colour wheel as the basis for a single colourfull illuration that could be tessellated across the wrapping paper? color theory chart - beautifully simply way to learn this (plus the fact that I suck at combining colors LOL!

Literally 100s of hair tutorials... pin now look later.

Messy Braids

Cute kids hair braid style baby Baby Boy Pom Pom Beanie I just LOVE this photo! What a cute idea for a newborn baby girl!

hair color love

asymmetrical bangs with long shag. That is mainly what I was hoping for my hair in two-three years! Colour prob ll be different but the cut very similar --- I really like the purple/red color here. Would look good with dark purple mixed in.

Looking for more volume in your hair? Check out these tips to tease your hair.

Learn How To Tease Your Hair: Tips from Nathaniel Hawkins

7 Tips to Tease Your Hair. This is an excellent tutorial on how to tease your hair correctly and successfully!

DIY Aspirin Scrub feels just like I got Microdermabrasion but without the $80.

DIY Aspirin Scrub: mix crushed aspirin with water and gently scrub the face (avoiding eyes). Water breaks aspirin down into its components, acetic and salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a main ingredient in many skin treatments for acne, psoriasis, et

Fishtail french braid updo! <3

20 Clever And Interesting Tutorials For Your Hairstyle

Fishtail up do. I'm not even a fan of the fishtail braid at all, but as an up do, I absolutely love it!

French Braid Mohawk!

Braids & Hairstyles for Super Long Hair: Mohawk/Side French Braids Updo.I will be buying an extra long ponytail for this!

Increase Your Hair Growth Rate With The Greenhouse Effect (GHE

HAIR CARE: This hair growth method is easy and works! I forgot that I did this almost daily for 6 months+ back when my hair was the longest and most luscious it's ever been! Black woman wearing plastic cap over her hair

8 Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer!

Use the right shampoo When you are paying lots of money to color your hair, don't go for bargain shampoo. Cheap shampoo can be too harsh for your hair and cause your color to fade. Go for someth.