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This Christmas pull out your ugliest sweater, your most hideous white elephant gift, and throw a party you and your guests will never forget.
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Mia Miller

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For Klingon and Star Trek Fan White elephant Gift
White Elephant Gift for Star Trek Fan
For White Elephant Gift for Klingon Lover

James Smith

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Cool white elephant gift: http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
White elephant gift option. So ugly! http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
Awesome white elephant gift for Oliver to give out. http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/

Oliver Wilson

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Just another hat Noah keeps in his rotation. http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
Of course Noah has a top hat! http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
One of Noah's many hats: http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/

Noah Davis

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Liam likeds to keep himself hydrated. http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
Harry Potter-Themed Aguamenti water bottle to keep Liam Hydrated http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
Keeping Liam hydrated: http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/

Liam Johnson

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For Isabella to hand out when things are getting stressful. http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
Isabella keeps them on hand for when emotions escalate. http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
Not creepy at all - Isabella would carry this arround to comfort herself. http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/

Isabella Wilson

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A great school and strawberry white elephant gift from Emma: http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
This is the perfect white elephant gift for Emma to give! http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
White elephant gift for Emma: http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/

Emma Johnson

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Dangerous T-Shirts
Be a Mystery Game Criminal at whodunnitmysteries.com

Whodunnit Game Info/Suggestions

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A lil Christmas cheer Used. @anastasiabeverlyhills Ebony Brow powder. @nyxcosmetics Vivid Brights eyeliner in Vivid Envy to create string with @mehronmakeup green glitter. Lights are @nyxcosmetics Vivid Brights eyeliner in Vivid Fire, Studio Liquid liner in Extreme blue. @limecrimemakeup liquid liner in Citreuse and Orchidaceous. . . . . . #chicagomua #wakeupandmakeup #tasteformakeup #hudabeauty #vegas_nay #shoutoutarp #undiscovered_muas #flawlessdolls #underratedmuas #maryhadalitt...
Periodic Table Ugly Christmas Long Sleeve - On Sale


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Sometimes I Dig A Hole in the backyard late at night to keep the neighbors guessing.   Coffee Mugs, t-shirts, and other memoroblia
#Christmas table #decoration
Winter Garden dark for my taste but love the clustered candles in the center of table


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House number cookies for a neighborhood party
Modern Vintage Christmas themed party ideas, so pretty! Lots of Christmas decor ideas!
Christmas Party Ideas - for adults, kids, food, games, decorations and so much more!


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Take the quiz: Can you match the ugly Christmas sweater to the movie?
Can you name the Christmas Carol? Game to use for ladies meetings or any Christmas Gathering and/or party.
Hilarious Christmas party game ideas to add some fun and festivity to your holiday bash!


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Ugly sweater party invitation
Ugly sweater parties seem to be all the rage... And you know me; all about what'z hip, yo. Invitation seem to be my thing right now. Free design work also seems to be my thing... (which I'm mostly fine with.)...
Free printable for Ugly Sweater ballot


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Sophia's dirty little secret. http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
Just some Pixy sticks to stash in your purse in case Sophia needs a kick of sugar. http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
Make the stamp say what you want, and give it as a white elephant gift! http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/

Sophia Davis

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Lucas Brown

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Ava's cats sure think these treats are the Greatest of All Time! http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
Emma things cats should get options too! http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/
Only the best quality for Ava's cats! http://whodunnitmysteries.com/product/who-who-who-killed-christmas-murder-mystery-game/

Ava Brown

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Marshall Islands Bag
Jumpers, Tops, Fashion, Cute, Jumper, Pullover, Knitted
Ugly Christmas Sweater
Hats, Ugly Christmas Sweater
Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt
Buildering - Wikipedia Wikipedia, Elephant Gifts
Buildering - Wikipedia
Buildering - Wikipedia
Unisex, Hoodies, Sweatshirts Hoodie
Ugly Christmas Sweater
3d, Christmas Sweaters For Women, Novelty Christmas, Merry Christmas
Ugly Christmas Sweater
For Klingon and Star Trek Fan White elephant Gift Accessories, Gifts, Star Trek, Stars, Klingon, Trek, Star Trek Klingon
Klingon Water Bottle
For Klingon and Star Trek Fan White elephant Gift
White Elephant Gift for Star Trek Fan Star Trek Captains, United Federation Of Planets, For Stars, Star, Passport, Cover Pages, Mini Notebooks
Captain's Log
White Elephant Gift for Star Trek Fan
For White Elephant Gift for Klingon Lover Toys, Star Trek Phaser, Star Trek Theme, Game Console, Ds9, Holster
Star Trek Phaser
For White Elephant Gift for Klingon Lover
For White Elephant Gift Klingon Fan Socks, Uss Enterprise, Jet Setter, Uss Enterprise D, Tech Gifts, Racing, Ankle Socks Mens
Star Trek Socks
For White Elephant Gift Klingon Fan
For a White Elephant Gift from James Reading, Star Trek V, Star Trek Iii, Star Trek Ii, Star Trek Vi, Klingon Language, Booker T
Klingon Dictionary
For a White Elephant Gift from James
Gifts For Dog Owners, Dog Owners, Beagle Dog
I like my beagle and maybe 3 people Christmas Sweater