Not happing. No blue ties.And silver ties Totally last season! You need red ties

kids don't care

I remember a speech saying that they did an experiment about this wth kids. Basically, we aren't born to hate and we often don't come to these conclusions ourselves, but rather are taught to do so.


Amsterdam is the sass capital of the world.

Amsterdam is the sass capital of the world.never really wanted to move to another country, but I kind of want to live in Amsterdam with all the sass masters : )

I fucking love Tumblr.

First boyfriend, sweet story <<< Agreed, but please don't take how-to-pick-up-boys advice from this guy

Opposing LGBT Rights

if you're going to oppose lgbt rights, then be honest about what you're really in favor of.


One thing I'll always repost is stuff that makes homophobic people angry.

i'm bi, i can't sleep anywhere >>> I’m pan and agender, so whether it’s based on gender or who I’d sleep with doesn’t make much of a difference in most cases, because either way I have no place to sleep >>> this system isn't working guys/girls/nbs

Y'all bi-long here. ba dum tsss pun making ace at yo service! I have no shame. >> ayyyyyy(ce) another pun making ace who is exhausted and out of creativity

They are happy together. Real family is where love lives! #family #gays #love

Gay dads post family picture, the Internet reacts and bashes them // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -