Creative Christmas Projects

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Creative Christmas Projects

Creative Christmas Projects

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Great DIY gift set!

Make your house smell like Christmas!!


    this is a great idea!

  • Mick Karshner
    Mick Karshner

    This is the best smelling concoction! Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Gloria Brown
    Gloria Brown

    This would make a wonderful gift.

Great DIY gift idea for teachers!

Fun idea for the kiddos' holiday party!

  • Amanda Weber Westergaard
    Amanda Weber Westergaard

    We made these for my daughter's Christmas party at school, a little time consuming but adorable!

  • The Sweater Store
    The Sweater Store


Offer Santa an alternative to cookies!

DIY Snow Globes!

  • Lisa Rhoney
    Lisa Rhoney

    Laura Rhoney let get some stuff on clearance, have a craft night and make these for next year!!

  • Memory Joggers
    Memory Joggers

    Fun family project and who doesn't love snow globes?

Banana Bread In-A-Jar = Friends for life!

Green up your gifts, literally!

  • Natural Vitality
    Natural Vitality

    We love this! Green and 100% sustainable :-)

  • Memory Joggers
    Memory Joggers

    Easy for kids to use this idea for wrapping the gifts they are giving. Make sure they know what the foliage is called.

Christmas cameo cookies // These look amazing!

  • Linda

    As a matter of fact I did something very similar with molds,, fondant. and iced cookies. It was this photo which gave me the idea. I used home made marshmallow fondant and the result was quite amazing. Martha Stewart has some rubber molds that are very detailed and that work very well with fondant.

  • Dee Dee Rhodes
    Dee Dee Rhodes

    This link doesn't work.

  • Gina Minton
    Gina Minton

    Looks really amazing.

  • Lawyer Network
    Lawyer Network

    Very creative.

  • Samantha Green
    Samantha Green

    Broken link, misleading title? Whole Foods, you should take this down.

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Cute gingerbread cookie garland... fun project!

  • Natural Vitality
    Natural Vitality

    Fun & Pretty!

  • 🎧Madelyn🎧

    These look adorable!

Keep your old Christmas light bulbs and repurpose them into tree decorations!

Christmas Snowman Ornament... super cute!

  • phillipa anwar
    phillipa anwar

    Saruman's ornaments.

Light bulb penguins for Christmas


    So creative! Great idea for entertaining kids

Paper flowers for packages or anything else!

  • deir beille
    deir beille

    @Liz Sutherland

Tutorial: Instagram Photostrips

Christmas card display......perfect!

  • Natural Vitality
    Natural Vitality

    Maybe we could reuse Natural Calm samples and hang them on a tree like this? So cute!

Great use of old rulers......very cute

Totally brilliant....remembering this for next year!

  • Anne Argo Pritchard
    Anne Argo Pritchard

    I Can Do This!

Spare a tree.....make your own!

  • Natural Vitality
    Natural Vitality

    eco friendly & pretty!

Here's a great idea for gift tags...anyone have a designer in the family?

Super cute stocking

Gingerbread men aren't just for cookies!


    So adorable!

Old ornaments make wonderful nontraditional Christmas decorations!

Try this modern holiday wreath up update your season!

How to: Make Mod Paper Ornaments