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    Go Go Gadgets!

    Go Go Gadgets!

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    A team of microbiologists and designers have created a device that turns man-made trash–specifically plastics–into edible mushrooms. Not the kind you’re used to buying at the farmers market, more like something out of a Björk video. Still… completely edible and that is damn cool!

    Gadget cupcakes for the tech savvy friend in your life!

    Tefal Toast N' Egg Toaster!

    Urban Outfitters Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

    We didn't realize there was so much information one would need about blenders.

    Karate chopper. HIYA! #kitchengadget #kitchentools

    What exactly is wind turbine efficiency and exactly how has it been tested? Further information about this which includes the maximum restrictions and also theoretical limitations for wind generator efficacy.

    98% recycable Computer made from wood with modular structure to exchange components once newer technology is available... next is a Laptop.....

    DIY Solar Charger In A Glass Bottle

    DIY Mason Jar Speakers! Design student Sarah Pease created this "audioJar" based on MIT's David Mellis's Fab Speakers. #ideas #crafts #repurposed

    HOWTO Hack Your Electric Bill

    Little Sun is a Cheap Solar Light

    The Micromax is a solar-powered cell phone that is actually affordable and that you can buy now. It features a 2.4" color screen, a camera, Bluetooth connectivity, radio capability, and a dual SIM setup. Three hours of sun gives users 90 minutes of talk time, which is great for those in developing nations where electricity is not always accessible and also for those who would rather fuel their conversations by the sun.

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    Reclaimed Wood Megaphone For Your iPad

    Waterwheel Concept Powers Lightbulbs with Water Pipes Genius! There are so many applications for this idea.

    Solar Charger Takes You Far Off Grid

    Electricity-Free iPhone Speakers

    Texas Jalapeño Grill Rack

    9 Apps Draining Your Phone's Battery. Some apps use battery killing techniques like notifications and locations. If an app is constantly triangulating your location, then your battery will suffer. Here are the 9 worst offenders.