Go Go Gadgets!

Go Go Gadgets!

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A team of microbiologists and designers have created a device that turns man-made trash–specifically plastics–into edible mushrooms. Not the kind you’re used to buying at the farmers market, more like something out of a Björk video. Still… completely edible and that is damn cool!

Gadget cupcakes for the tech savvy friend in your life!

Tefal Toast N' Egg Toaster!

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    jill ventura


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    Allison Gray

    Daniel Gray

Urban Outfitters Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

We didn't realize there was so much information one would need about blenders.

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    Frank Azar

    This is one of those must haves in your kitchen!!!

Karate chopper. HIYA! #kitchengadget #kitchentools

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    Yelman & Associates

    Thats really cute

What exactly is wind turbine efficiency and exactly how has it been tested? Further information about this which includes the maximum restrictions and also theoretical limitations for wind generator efficacy.

98% recycable Computer made from wood with modular structure to exchange components once newer technology is available... next is a Laptop..... http://www.iameco.ie

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    Very cool idea!

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Make a Solar Charger In A Glass Bottle!

The Audiojar by Sarah Pease is a Fun and Classy Do-It-Yourself Project #masonjar #diy trendhunter.com

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    Very neat idea!

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    Roach Slayer

    Love it!!

HOWTO Hack Your Electric Bill

Little Sun is a Cheap Solar Light

$45 Solar powered cell phone.

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    Dirt By Earth

    Would love if there could be an IPhone version...

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    Premium Videos and CD's

    Ingenuity at its best

Solar powered ice cream cart

Reclaimed Wood Megaphone For Your iPad

Waterwheel Concept Powers Lightbulbs with Water Pipes - The ES Pipe Waterwheel concept is designed by Ryan Jongwoo Choi as a way to provide light to people with limited access to electricity. Essentially, the idea is to have a mini turbine inside a water pipe that would generate electricity through hydropower. Attached are specialized lightbulbs with internal batteries that charge up with the generated electricity. They can then be unscrewed from the pipes, flipped over...

Solar Charger Takes You Far Off Grid

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Electricity-Free iPhone Speakers

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    Kristen Gephart

    That's so cool!

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    YouthTrade Movement

    love it! so sustainable


    That's smart.

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    Krystelle F. Gratziani / Conscious Cooking

    love the bamboo idea!! so cool!!!

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Texas Jalapeño Grill Rack

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    @Amy Miller - need a gift idea? :P

How to improve #smartphone or #tabletpc #batterylife #tips and #tricks #galsnguys

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    What is the app??

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    Jennifer L

    The reviews for Carat on the iOS app store are not very favorable (2/5 stars) so I'm feeling a bit reluctant about downloading it even though it's an interesting app concept. :/

Make Your Own Robotic Hand with 3D Printing

Sport Watch Brings E-Ink and Touch Screen Tech to Your Wrist

Cinch Favorites: 5 Perfect Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers

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    Lulu Arañas

    This I have to try!!!

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    Holman RV

    Now that is creative inspiration with a blast from the past. Reminds me of seeing the old victor record player with the dog staring into the cone.

$3 Emergency Solar-Powered Radio Made with Altoids Tin

An outlet that automatically turns off power once your device has been charged to save energy.

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    Kim Ballett

    I'll take 10 of these!,,,,

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    wow such an energy saver, this is a great idea!

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    Zharko Jovanovikj

    cool gizmo , thanks