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How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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The True Meaning of Flowers. Lol, I love flower language!

Pico Garden!

What does it mean for produce to be responsibly grown? Take a look...

Moss graffiti, want to try this on the fence in the back yard

  • Nicole Perez
    Nicole Perez This is a video of a guy trying to do it in Man V. Pin. Just to save you the trouble..

  • Elle Harmon
    Elle Harmon

    Love this idea!

  • Elvish Things
    Elvish Things

    Well, I was so excited by this pin and only winter outside stopped me from running immediately to search the moss:)) But thanks to Nicole Perez I'll save some moss and my blender :)

25 Edible Garden Ideas -- grow herbs and vegetables no matter the size of your yard Remodelaholic .com

  • My Heirloom Seeds
    My Heirloom Seeds

    I Just love all of the wonderful gardening and landscaping tips.

  • Tips for Homeowners & Homebuyers
    Tips for Homeowners & Homebuyers

    I just started my above ground garden. with 360 days of sunshine it would be criminal not to.

  • velma mcreynolds
    velma mcreynolds

    I like it.

DIY Leaf Garden Stone. From

  • Redeem Your Ground Blog
    Redeem Your Ground Blog

    Greetings Whole Kids Foundation...I just found the "How Does Your Garden Grow" community board. Love it. Being all about getting families outside more to connect with each other, with gardening being a primary way to do that, I'd love to be invited to be a contributor. Can you invite me to do that? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks and take care, Doug/RYGblog

  • Artkin --
    Artkin --

    These turn out great! We did them in our Kid's Art Workshop last summer and every one turned out beautiful!

Terra Cotta Pots Makeover

Stones painted as strawberries when put around strawberry plants in the spring will keep birds from eating your berries when they ripen because the birds will think the ripened berries are stones

  • Sara Hanscom
    Sara Hanscom

    nice Marisa Brewster

  • Marina

    :< wouldn't birds choke on them though?

  • Sara Hanscom
    Sara Hanscom

    no they would be too big. you wouldn't use teeny stones.

  • Marina

    oh. good.

  • Perfect Bar
    Perfect Bar

    Awesome Idea!

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Pico Garden!

  • Fran Palmer
    Fran Palmer

    great idea!

Champagne & Edible Flowers Popsicles

  • Arielle Walker
    Arielle Walker

    Almost to pretty to eat!?

  • Constance Lynnette
    Constance Lynnette


The True Meaning of Flowers

  • Brendaliz

    Farilde Porquin we should get the pink carnation tattoed in memory of grandma!!!!!!

A fairy garden table? Sounds like fun! #gardenplay #kidgardeners #SchoolGardens

  • Tina Lorentzen
    Tina Lorentzen

    Fun gardning

DIY Leaf Garden Stone - what a fun weekend project! #kidsactivity #DIY

  • My Heirloom Seeds
    My Heirloom Seeds

    Who wouldn't want to make these with their #Kids on the weekend. Exciting homeschool project as well.

DIY Planter boxes

Seed Planting Ruler

  • Cathy Mastrofino
    Cathy Mastrofino

    That's awesome! We are going to make one out of a yardstick.

Cuke in a Bottle: How'd that cucumber get in there? Your kids will know the answer: they grew it! #SchoolGardens

Owl Boxes and so much more when it comes to Organic, Sustainable & Biodynamic Wine.

15 Shade Tolerant Plants #SchoolGardens

Loving these colorful hanging pallets!

  • iRulu Technology
    iRulu Technology

    Hi. I am very appreciated of your pins here. And may I join it or may I invite you to become a contributor of my board flowers and gardens?" I like gardening very much. I really want to share more in this group board. If I were invited I would treat this board like my own and try my best to make contribution to it.Best wishes.

Use these easy instructions to build your own raised bed to make growing any plant easier #SchoolGardens #gardenbeds

Plant lemon seeds from your lemons! Lemon leaves smell so good. Awesome for kitchen, bathroom, or any place in the house. #lemons #kitchen #gardens

  • K Knudson
    K Knudson

    My trees are grafted. Would be curious to see what seeds do but the part they are grafted off of have nasty thorns!

  • Jamie Butcher
    Jamie Butcher

    Thanks Megan Dishon

  • Patti Brennan
    Patti Brennan

    Great idea

  • Mary Whalen
    Mary Whalen

    just regular lemon seeds from a lemon?

We ♥ gardens #SchoolGardens

How to Prune a Tomato #SchoolGardens #tomatoes #pruning

Hanging garden DIY | HomeMade Modern

  • Ashley Frey
    Ashley Frey

    Totally looks like my house too. I wonder what drainage would be like? Thanks for thinking of me ;o)

  • Kelly Gschwandtner Mullins
    Kelly Gschwandtner Mullins

    Pinning first thing in the morning, huh?

  • Ashley Frey
    Ashley Frey

    Checking email and found your pin....lead from there. ;o)

This colored pencil #fence would be perfection in our #SchoolGardens! #artsandcrafts

  • Sweetwater Organic Community Farm
    Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

    FoodCorps should be inspired by this!

  • FoodCorps

    We are! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Artkin --
    Artkin --

    This would be a great idea for an interior studio wall when our business expands.Cute and creative!