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Everyone can appreciate a good hip-opening stretch!

Begin the conversation about healthy eating with your little ones ASAP! #powerinpositivity #healthykids #healthyconversations

Whole Kids Foundation

Repin if you agree! #healthykids

It's difficult to avoid sugar consumption on Halloween so use these tips to keep their teeth #STRONG #healthykids

Tips to Keep Children's Teeth Clean on Halloween

Great mid-day stretches!

Don't forget those abs!

5 to 50 Ab Workout
  • Michelle Larkin
    Michelle Larkin

    These are very similar to what I did in the beginning pp but ended up ripping open my abs. So still have to stay away from real crunches for a while (years) til it heals fully .

Looks much easier than it appears! Side Plank with Rotation

Lego Wall Decals: The Art of the Brick

Pilates exercises.

Awesome yoga benefits!

Great way to start the day!

Good Morning Yoga Sequence
  • Mick Karshner
    Mick Karshner

    Great way to start the morning!

How do you like to enjoy avocados?

Avocado Toast Recipe

Protein in Plant Foods

Food is fuel for fitness - www.infographicsf...

What do you love about yoga?

Top 10 #Exercise Myths #Infographic // This is great! #health #infographic #exercise

Top 10 Exercise Myths Infographic - Killer Infographics
  • mjrhansen

    Muscle does not weigh more than fat! A lbs is a lbs! Muscle just takes up less space.. Grrr...

Should you workout today?


  • Kelly Braun
    Kelly Braun

    Christina Fitzer

Who says you can't workout and cook at the same time?!


    Dancing is so fun an great exercise!

Good workout ideas!

Most inspiring pictures and photos -

Sweat to the oldies in this hot tank!

  • Bahati Banks-Cox
    Bahati Banks-Cox



    lol im loving this shirt, really creative

  • Michael

    The ultimate pun-around! Very good...

  • Health As We Age (HAWA)
    Health As We Age (HAWA)

    I Need This!

  • SoreyFitness Kim & Kalee Sorey
    SoreyFitness Kim & Kalee Sorey

    This is hilarious!!! We love it!!

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What I feel like when I run =) Good thing it still feels great!

  • Jane Johnson
    Jane Johnson

    Every time I look at this it makes me laugh!

  • Jeanne Doody
    Jeanne Doody

    Love this! So true!

  • Diana

    I printed this and put in on my wall. It's so true!

  • Leesa Balisalisa
    Leesa Balisalisa


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Hip circles on Mt. Woodson, San Diego

  • The Way of Parenting
    The Way of Parenting

    I've been on that very rock! Awesome hike up there...scary how thin that rock actually is!

Run wild!


    Great action shot!

Gardening can be a work out too!

Food from the north | Vegpod
  • Kellee Harris
    Kellee Harris

    Just even gardening is patriotic!

A kid at play is a happy, healthy kid!