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Whole Planet Foundation

Whole Planet Foundation

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Thanks to YOU we’ve raised over $80,000 for @WholePlanet during the #ride2provide campaign! Whole Planet Foundation supports entrepreneurs like Yajaris in Nicaragua by partnering with local microfinance institutions to provide microloans needed to grow their businesses.

Grameen Ghana's Finance Manager obtained his MBA in Norway through a scholarship. Now he is back in Ghaba with an even stronger skill set--Congratulations, Iddrissu! #Ghana #WholePlanet #WPFGhana

Yamileth, a microcredit client of ACRG in Costa Rica poses with pigs she was able to buy with her microloan

Come to Brews For Better Lives at Hops and Grain and try a new tea beer, a chocolate beer and a coffee beer brewed with product from our partners Rishi Tea, Madécasse and Chameleon Cold Brew. #Brews4BetterLives #craftbeer #Austin

Vegetable Biryani: This traditional Northern Indian rice dish can be topped with a fragrant mix of sliced jalapeños, tomato wedges and chopped fresh cilantro, if you like. Inspired by Whole Planet Foundation® microcredit client recipes.

Lee from Madécasse checking out raw cocoa beans with TM Volunteers Sam and Kavita

Field Officer Mercedes from Paraguay manages more than 1200 microcredit clients

Kuchen, a traditional German dessert, is found all over Chile in varying forms thanks to a large German community. This simple version features fresh blueberries mixed with blueberry jam for an easy topping. Inspired by Whole Planet Foundation microcredit client recipes.

Pabitra is a farmer in the eastern highlands of Nepal and a microcredit client of our partner Nirdhan Bank. Microloans empowered her to purchase two male buffalo, enabling Pabitra to plow her field and generate additional income as she charges others in her village for their use. Pabitra is a true entrepreneur and also supplements her earnings by raising chickens! #WholePlanet

Textiles from countries where Whole Planet Foundation funds microcredit were featured on the runway during the Beauty in All Beings fashion show at Expo West (Photo Credit: Anthony Tamayo) #WholePlanet

Instagram photo by @yogease_om (Yogease_Om) | Iconosquare #WholePlanet

Instagram photo by @beehivesandbouffants (Kiddo ✂) | Iconosquare #WholePlanet

Microloans get repaid and loaned out again, so your gift to Whole Planet Foundation multiplies. Use this tool to find out how your gift grows on its own and how many people you can have an impact on over time! #WholePlanet

Whole Planet Foundation's 2015 Prosperity Campaign launches today! Let's raise $5 Million to alleviate poverty around the world! #microfinance #wholefoods #nonprofit #dogood #fundraising

Whole Planet Foundation's Morgan pictured with Theresa from The Blessing Basket Project and Whole Foods Market Team Members at the Rochester Hills store in #Michigan #WholePlanet

Maria is a microentreprenur of Whole Planet Foundation partner Fundacion Paraguaya. Maria is a fruit vendor in the city market in the country's capital. (Photo courtesy of Fundacion Paraguaya)

American school buses repurposed for public transportation in Haiti, seen by Armando from the #WholePlanet Field Team #travel #microfinance #haiti #caribbean #aroundtheworld

In rural Guatemala, four friends battle illness, parasites and hunger as they experiment with living on just $1 a day for eight weeks. Watch this film for a deeper understanding of poverty, and to find inspiration in the stories of those who live this way. #Netflix #movies #whattowatch

Check out Living on Dollar on #Netflix. Chris and Zach #travel to rural Guatemala and experience the challenges of living on only $1 per day for two months. This #film provides real insight into the everyday lives of people in poverty.

  • Hosanna Alonzo🌸👑
    Hosanna Alonzo🌸👑

    I pretty much did this on a Missions Trip i went on to Colombia and Chile. Pretty rural and mostly jungle. Ministering to the tribal people there:)

  • Katelyn Gorski
    Katelyn Gorski

    That's awesome Hosanna! One of the greatest parts of this film is getting to see how Zach and Chris learn from the people there.

  • Hosanna Alonzo🌸👑
    Hosanna Alonzo🌸👑

    Yes, that is one of the greatest parts. In Colombia, we lived with the tribes, ate with them, and bathed in the rivers... It was a great way to live on maybe one meal a day and bathrooms in banana trees:)

Bayanmunkh in a #microcredit client from #Mongolia. Learn what his microloan has helped him accomplish for his family. Whole Planet Foundation | Bayanmunkh

Aruby, who lives in #Malawi, is a #microcredit client of Microloan Foundation who runs a hair #salon where she typically serves more than four clients per day. She has recently widened her client base by also selling used clothing in front of her salon.