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2012 Summer Bucket List

Check back each day as we count down our must-dos this summer. Tell us what's on your list at

2012 Summer Bucket List

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#30 on our Summer Bucket list: Do something to remember how much fun you're having,

#29 on our summer bucket list: Play hooky from work!

  • Charlotte Langio
    Charlotte Langio


#28: Watch a Sunrise and Sunset,

#27 on our Summer Bucket List: Eat as much summer fruit as possible,

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#26 on the Bucket List: Keep Summer Alive: Preserve Summer Produce

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#25: Stargaze #summerbucketlist

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#24: Hike to the Summit of a Mountain

#23: Make a Great Picnic Basket #bucketlist

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#22: Grow Something Green

#21 on our Bucket List: Go to an Outdoor Movie Screening. What's on your bucket list?

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#20 on our Summer Bucket List: Build a campfire,

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#19: Move the Dinner Table Outside #bucketlist

#18: Smell like saltwater all day

#17: Go for a natural high

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#16: Cook a Live Lobster

  • My Vegan Journal
    My Vegan Journal

    I pick up spiders in a tissue or cup and take them outside like nice people do - people who are kind to others ARE "over" themselves - that's why they extend their circle of compassion to others - sounds like it's time for you to get over YOURself and think about others a little bit... be nice ♥ it's healthy!

  • Kim Torfs
    Kim Torfs

    for the ones who like mussels or clamps: these get cooked alive as well..

  • Amberlee Schmit
    Amberlee Schmit

    eww this is so cruel!

  • Erin Nutsugah
    Erin Nutsugah

    Look, we're not all vegans and we probably won't be anytime soon. Just because Whole Living is a good company doesn't mean they all have to be vegans too. Sorry, but if we're eating it, we're cooking it the way we want it to taste! Enjoy your grilled veggies!

  • Yvonne Baird
    Yvonne Baird

    How long do you boil it?

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#14 & 15: Nap and Hide Your Phone!

#13: Embrace Your Inner Child

#12: Get the Room with the View

#11: Use those frequent-flier miles!

#10 on our Summer Bucket List: Take a Road Trip!

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#9 Embrace the rain #bucketlist

#8: Reread your favorite novel

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#7 On Our Summer Bucket List: Take More Pictures!

Bucket List Item #6: Be the first one at the Farmers' market and grab the best heirloom tomatoes,

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#5 on the Summer Bucket List: Find a Strapless Bra That Actually Fits,

  • Barb Kamlah
    Barb Kamlah

    Just bought one a couple weeks ago.....loving it!! First strapless bra I've ever had that fits. The band size is one size down from my normal band size. Wore it all day on Saturday and I swear it never moved and was comfortable to boot!