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NorCal, CA / Making Water Conservation and Reuse the Hip and Sexy Thing to Do in California: Participatory Education Nonprofit
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Where Is All Of The Water Going? A Look At Which Energy Resources Are Gulping Down Our Water - Wet solar cooling the worst?

Governor's Pillars | 2030 Climate Change Goals | California Air Resources Board

This Climate Change website provides information regarding the implementation of Governor’s Office Climate Change Pillars Strategies and 2030 goals to mitigate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California.

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Three steps to solving water scarcity and creating climate resilience


Beyond the Drought: Water Conservation Consciousness for the Long Term - Wholly

Water Dragon lands in Toronto: Sculpture unveiled at Shangri-La Hotel

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ELEMENTS- Nereus Orsian God of Water Dragon Form by ElementJax on ...

PRE-PRODUCTION: Managed to squeeze this guy in during this crazy busy schedule. Granted, its been in progress for a long time. ELEMENTS- Nereus Orsian God of Water Dragon Form

Are you expecting a Water Dragon baby?

A few weeks ago at a wedding, my uncle came rushing up to me and with great excitement, told me that unless I delivered early, I would have a “water dragon”