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These Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats are Low-Carb, Low-Calorie, High Protein and High in Taste!

Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats: Substitute tortilla chips for bell peppers, and you get the same delicious ingredients lathered on a healthy, nutrient-rich base.

How to make a waistband that's elasticized only in the back. Great way to get a pretty skirt waist without sacrificing comfort!

method of sewing half-elastic waistbands w/ one continuous piece. theosakakoneko shared her amazing results on sew_loli. It’s so much easier and cleaner than trying to do the flat section and the elastic section in two…

Tutorial: Maxi skirt with a flat front waistband | Craft Gossip | Bloglovin’

How to Sew a Maxi Skirt - How to Sew a Flat Front Skirt - How to Sew a Lined Skirt - Combine techniques for this casual skirt tutorial by Melly Sews

Drafting a Skirt with Yoke at the Waist

yoked skirt step 2 - cut along the dashed line and close the darts. This will force the dart to move to the side. Smooth the bottom edge of the yoke with a nice curve. Separate the two pieces, and you have a skirt with a waist yoke.