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Chelsea Smile ♥ -Bring Me the Horizon

Chelsea Smile ♥ -Bring Me the Horizon "I may look but honestly dear, the only way I'll really smile is if you cut me ear to ear"

Chelsea Smile - Bring Me The Horizon

Jeff the killer <--- ummm, actually this isn't creepypasta, although I see how it could be mistaken. These are Bring Me The Horizon lyrics! No, this is what happens when Momma gets ahold of BMTH lyrics! The picture IS of Jeff the Killer.

Once this chick on facebook said "One Direction was the best british band". I replied "did you misspell 'Bring Me The Horizon?". She disfriended me. Lol

I love One Direction don't get me wrong but if you look up Bring me the horizon your mind will be blown trust me. And Asking Alexandria is another great British band. But still was the first British boy band I liked so got to give them props for that.

Lol! Bring Me The Horizon + Patrick Star

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