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Management Thinking Mistakes app

All about the mindblowing 2013/2014 Management Thinking Mitsakes App from WiB Solutions available on the apple app store

Management Thinking Mistakes app

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eMail between Lukas Ritzel and Tom Steinert-Threlkeld Creator and CEO of NEWS portal - There was an initial technical problem and misunderstanding of the VDO interview about the new Management Thinking Mistakes App which appears to stream well in the US but no so for the rest of the world.

A life tweet from the Harvard session within the course on Management dilemmas under Prof. M Esposito

WiB Senior Consultant Lukas Ritzel, one of the brains behind the "management thinking mistakes app" has been officially announced being a coach for the Harvard Course in September on 'Modern Dilemmas in the Corporation of 21st Century"

A retweet of our management dilemma app by Prof Mark Esposito from Harvard University

The Top Five Cyber Fallacies by Forbes'Jeffrey Carr with comment by lor

Customer reviews from iTunes

Harvard Prof Mark Esposito tweets about the usage if the management thinking mistakes app at his harvard course in fall on management thinking dilemmas

WOW - Harvard Professor and author of many great business books promotes our app in his facebook fanpage to his over 2000 followers - thanks Prof.

What Lloyd C. Williams, Ph. D., Ph. D., D. Min., Clinical and Organizational Psychologist; CEO, The Institute for Transformative Thought and Learning, LLC. had to say about the app

Stefan Michel (Professor of Marketing and Service Management) from IMD Exec Education

iTunes App Store customer feedback August 2013

Customer feedback Management Thinking Mistake app, july 2013

Read from Dobelli about his book "It would make sense if success stories wrote about their failures. But few do." One of the reasons why Rolf Dobelli penned down The Art of Thinking Clearly!

If you liked the Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli (great book and stories about thinking mistakes and clear thinking) then you sure will like our App as well

Breaking NEWS: Harvard University will use this App for one of their new course offerings in September 2013 www.extension.har...

A cool in-class exercise for pupils and students from all over the world to understand management thinking mistakes. Fallacies and Biases. explains: What is a ‘fallacy’, what is the Nirvana Fallacy? The math behind the fallacy, What does that mean for Decisions and Actions in Life? Questions to discuss and tasks to do

WiB Management Thinking Mistakes App quotes and stories

Prof. Dr. BK Passi - fullbright professor and world renowned expert on creative thinking added some advise to our idea of creating an app which should help to make better decisions

Some thoughts shared by organized crime investigating US journalist Mark Mitchell from Deep Capture on how biases occur around organized crime and his own perceptions

Musician in outer space. Trend consultant. Hardware mogul., was recently guest editor for Wired July 2013

Dr Noel Jones, visiting Professor at Stamford International University, Bangkok, Thailand; and The National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam shared another view about the management thinking mistakes app and his own story

What did Dr. Noel Jones, visiting Professor at Stamford International University, Bangkok, Thailand; and The National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam share on the launch of the management thinking mistakes app

What does Prof. Dr. Michael Hitchcock, Dean of Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism at Macau University of Science and Technology say about the management thinking mistakes app?

What does Mark Mitchell, Reporter at Deep Capture, internet publication that reports on financial industry, regulatory capture, organized crime, economic warfare Previous: Time Magazine (Asia), Far Eastern Economic Review, The Wall Street Journal Europe comment about the management thinking mistakes app